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Siddique terrorism conviction appeal upheld over misdirection: released

2010 February 10
by Mary Munro


“Siddique case: Aamar Anwar statement” BBC
“Siddique released after terror conviction quashed” BBC
“Scot freed after his terror sentence was quashed insists: ‘I’m not a terrorist, I’m more of a numpty'” Daily Record
“Student freed from jail after terror conviction is quashed” Guardian
“‘Laws should not criminalise Muslims for thought crime’” Herald
“Firm belief among Muslims that justice determined by faith” Scotsman
“Siddique is still guilty of three charges say judges” Scotsman
“Terror laws in doubt as ‘suicide bomber’ is freed” Scotsman
“I never planned to hurt anybody” Scottish Sun
“Terror suspect freed on appeal” Telegraph
“Scottish ‘terrorist’ Mohammed Atif Siddique freed as verdict quashed” Times
“There is too much at stake – we must change how we deal with terror suspects” Times
“He ‘aspired to be a suicide bomber’, but law requires a direct link” Times
“Time for defendants to explain their intent” Times

Following posted on 1.2.10

“Scotland’s first convicted Islamist terrorist set to have conviction quashed as miscarriage of justice” Daily Record
“Scot branded ‘wannabe suicide bomber’ to have terror conviction quashed” Herald
:Mohammed Atif Siddique terror conviction set to be quashed” Guardian
“‘First Islamic terrorist’ suffered a miscarriage of justice, judges rule” Scotsman
“Conviction of Scots ‘wannabe suicide bomber’ overturned by appeal judges” Express
“Terrorist suffered miscarriage of justice” STV
“Wannabe bomber’s trial was botch–up” Sun
“‘Wannabe suicide bomber’s’ conviction to be quashed” Telegraph
“‘Homegrown terrorist’ Mohammed Atif Siddique in ‘miscarriage of justice’” TImes
“Terrorism conviction quashed for misdirection” Law Society Journal Online

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