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Sheriffs’ comments on Home Detention Curfew

2010 February 5
by Mary Munro

“Sheriff attacks soft–touch justice system” STV
“25 months jail for 13 crimes” Scottish Sun
“MSPs back sheriff over early release” Courier
“Sheriff attacks prison release policy” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 30.06.08

“Sheriffs’ opposition to tagged curfews grows” Courier
“Curfews ‘put public at risk'” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 22.06.08

“Sheriffs attack early jail release scheme” Times

Following posted on 20.06.08

“Sheriff warns: we can no longer ensure public safety” Herald
“Sheriff hits out after ‘mindless’ criminal freed” Press and Journal
“Decisions on sentences must be more transparent” Scotsman
“Sheriff: I can’t protect public any more from criminals freed early” Scotsman
“Sheriff warns of threat over vandal freed to commit further crime” Times
“Sheriff’s anger at early release” BBC
“Courts can no longer protect public, sheriff says” Law Society Journal Online

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