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Scottish Law Commission double jeopardy report: legislation to follow

2010 February 19
by Mary Munro


“Tories repeat call for end to double jeopardy law” Herald

Following posted on 14.1.10

“Peter Tobin case sparks plan for juries to hear of former crimes” Daily Record
“Juries may hear of prior convictions” Herald
“Call for juries to be told of criminal record” Press and Journal
“Juries ‘could hear of previous convictions’” STV
“Fury on MacAskill plan to reveal suspects’ past” Times
“Everyone has the right to a fair trial based on the evidence in court” Times
“Juries could hear evidence of previous convictions” BBC
“Juries may be told of previous convictions” Scotsman

Following posted on 14.12.09

“Double jeopardy again” Scots Law News

“Double jeopardy ‘to be abolished’” BBC
‘World’s End retrial is possible’ Herald
“Cleared World’s End accused may face second trial: Scotsman
“Angus Sinclair could face World’s End retrial under MacAskill plan” Scotsman

Following posted on 3.12.09

“Bell tolls for double jeopardy” Courier
“Double jeopardy law to be changed, pledges Kenny MacAskill after legal study” Daily Record
!Call to retain twin trial ban” Evening News
“Scots double jeopardy law set for change” Herald
“Principle in jeopardy” Herald
“Collapse of World’s End trial leads to demise of double jeopardy law” Times
“‘Double jeopardy’ law no longer viable in modern age” Scotsman
“Double jeopardy to be overhauled after 800 years” Scotsman
“Dad: No justice for tragic Helen” Scottish Sun
“Double jeopardy law to be overhauled” Telegraph
“‘World’s End murder’ father hits out at double jeopardy rule” STV
“Law on double jeopardy ‘will be changed’” Press and Journal
“The 30–year wait for World’s End justice continues” BBC
“Double jeopardy rule could be scrapped in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 21.1.09

“Law commission ponders changes to 800–year–old double jeopardy rule” Herald
“Double jeopardy rule under review” BBC
“Commission publishes paper on double jeopardy” Law Society Journal Online

Press release

“Double jeopardy laws” Scot.Gov. (December 2009)
“Scottish Law Commission updates rule against second trial” Scottish Law Commission (December 2009)
“Scottish Law Commission considers exceptions to double jeopardy” Scottish Law Commission (January 2009)

See also

Scottish Law Commission: Report on Double Jeopardy (December 2009)
Discussion Paper No 141 Double Jeopardy (discussion paper index page)

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