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SCCCJ publishes fourth annual review of crime and justice in Scotland

2010 February 5
by Mary Munro

The Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice (SCCCJ) has published its fourth review on crime and justice in Scotland. The report aims to provide an independent assessment of the data on crime in Scotland and the performance of the relevant criminal justice agencies in response. Speaking today Professor Alec Spencer, the Convenor of the Consortium said: ‘There is ample evidence to show that crime is reducing and the public are feeling safer, despite the rhetoric of some politicians and some elements of the media to persuade us otherwise. However, it is not all good news. The prison population is increasing, and at an alarming and unjustifiable rate. Scotland’s rate is the fourth highest in Western Europe, more than double the rates of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and significantly greater than the rates of Italy, France, Germany and Northern Ireland and Eire.’

“Public feeling safer as crime figures plunge to 30–year–low” Daily Record

Following posted on 27.8.08

“Scots crime forum backs call for cut in prison population” Herald

Press releases

“Scotland leads the way – but it is not all good news” SCCCJ 2010(.pdf)
“Scotland’s crime rates are stable- despite this our imprisonment rate is fourth highest in Western Europe and rising” SCCCJ 2008

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