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Justice Committee inquiry into al-Megrahi release published

2010 February 5
by Mary Munro


“Holyrood committee splits over handling of Megrahi release” Guardian
“Lockerbie bomber report critical of Kenny MacAskill undermined by partisan row” Telegraph
“Handling of Megrahi release ‘shambolic’” Press and Journal
“Kenny MacAskill should have sought second opinion before freeing Lockerbie bomber, says inquiry” Scotsman
“MacAskill under fire in report on ‘botched’ release” Express
“Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill criticised for handling of Megrahi release” Telegraph
“Inquiry fails to shed light on Lockerbie bomber release” Telegraph
“MacAskill’s prison visit with Lockerbie bomber ‘inappropriate’” Times
“MacAskill criticised over release of Lockerbie bomber” Caledonian Mercury
“MacAskill criticised over Lockerbie release” STV
“Lockerbie bomber jail visit ‘inappropriate’, say MSPs “ BBC
“Justice Committee criticises handling of Megrahi release” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 1.2.09

MacAskill blasted for insensitivity to Lockerbie families Express
“Kenny MacAskill rapped over Megrahi release” Times

Following posted on 14.12.09

“No update on Lockerbie bomber’s health – more than three months after his compassionate release from prison with terminal cancer” Daily Record
“MacAskill: I do not know how long Megrahi will live” Herald

Following posted on 9.12.09

“Holyrood closes Megrahi enquiry” Herald
“Report to slate MacAskill over early release of Megrahi” Scotsman
“Holyrood Lockerbie inquiry closed” STV
“Holyrood Lockerbie bomber release inquiry closed” BBC

Following posted on 2.12.09

“Lockerbie bomber had body armour on under tracksuit as he left Scotland, reveals Kenny MacAskill” Daily Record
“Medical evidence to release Lockerbie bomber was ‘quite clear’, Kenny MacAskill tells inquiry” Daily Record
“Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al–Megrahi’s shellsuit hid body armour” Guardian
“MacAskill: Medical evidence ‘clearly’ justified release of Megrahi” Herald
“Revealed: shellsuit concealed body armour for Megrahi” Herald
“Lockerbie bomber Abdul Baset Ali al–Megrahi wore body armour when freed” Times
“Megrahi wore body armour under shell suit to thwart assassination” Scotsman
“Bombproof” Scottish Sun
“Megrahi left Scotland in body armour” Express
“Megrahi was hiding body armour” Press and Journal
“Lockerbie bomber hid bullet proof vest under shellsuit” BBC
“Labour MSP criticised for not declaring he is brother of Lockerbie lawyer” Herald
“Furore over MSP’s link to Lockerbie bomber” STV

Press release

“Justice Committee reports on al–Megrahi decision” Scottish Parliament (February 2010)

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