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Open estate absconds: government response to report: new escape; question in Parliament

2010 January 22
by Mary Munro


“Rethink on open prison transfers” Courier
“Questions on Castle Huntly escape” Press and Journal
“Escaped Castle Huntly prisoner recaptured” Herald
“Police capture missing prisoner” BBC

Following posted on 19.1.10

“Opposition to grill MacAskill” Evening Telegraph
“Opposition set to open debate on abscondees” Courier

Following posted on 19.1.10

“Absconder in open jail too early — ex–governor “ Courier
“Police defend appeal delay over Castle Huntly escapee” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 18.1.10

“MSP’s concerns at latest abscond” Courier
“Outrage as violent prisoner walks out” Courier
“MacAskill back in firing line after open prison loses another inmate” Herald
“New outcry after another open prison criminal flees” Press and Journal
“Another violent prisoner goes missing from open jail” Scotsman
“It’s another prison fiasco” Express
“Expert blames convict escape on MacAskill” Scotsman
“Questions over delay in alerting public to Castle Huntly absconder” Press and Journal

Following posted on 11.1.10

“Escape–prone convicts to be ‘flagged’ “ BBC
“Review into open prison admission” Courier
“Open prisons rules ‘tightened’ claim” Evening Telegraph
“Escape–prone prisoners to be given ‘electronic flag’” Herald
“Tagging plan for open prison inmates rejected” Press and Journal
“MacAskill moves to strengthen open prison security” STV

Following posted on 26.6.09

“MacAskill defends open prisons” Courier

“Prison service blunders behind Hawk’s escape” Courier
“Disciplinary action not ruled out” Courier
“Series of errors led to dangerous convict ‘The Hawk’ escaping from open prison” Daily Record
“Hawk flight: new rules ignored” Evening Telegraph
“Calls for reforms after open prison escape” Herald
“Blunders that allowed violent inmate to abscond” Herald
“Jail probe finds staff broke rules” Press and Journal
“Guidelines on assessing criminals” Press and Journal
“Satellite tagging for killers in Scots open prisons” Scotsman
“Report eases pressure on justice secretary” Scotsman
“MacAskill should have seen system was going awry for a long time” Scotsman
“Brian Martin escaped from open prison despite warnings from police” Times
“MacAskill has an open prison system to fix” Scotsman
“Rules ‘not followed’ in Hawk case” BBC
“Series of failures led to prisoner absconding from Castle Huntly” STV

Following posted on 28.5.09

“Inquiry as MacAskill admits escapee should not have been in open prison” The Herald
“Professor to probe open prison move” Press and Journal
“MacAskill admits open jail gaffe over ‘Hawk’ prisoner” The Scotsman
“Hawk jail transfer ‘unacceptable’” BBC
“MacAskill admits error in open jail escape” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 25.5.09

“‘The Hawk’ hands himself over to police after prison break” The Herald
“‘Hawk’ hands himself into police” BBC
“Escaped prisoner nickname The Hawk hands himself in” Daily Record
“MacAskill in firing line over escape by inmate” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 22.5.09

“Scottish Government attacked over escaped prisoner” Herald
“On–the–run Hawk has MacAskill’s future on the line” Courier
“Political storm over ‘dangerous’ prisoner on the run” Daily Record
“MacAskill faces call to resign over prison escape” Herald
“Vote against MacAskill and I’ll quit, threatens Salmond” Scotsman
“Kenny MacAskill threatened with no confidence vote over jail escape” Times
“Alex Salmond defends government record on prison escapes” STV

Press release

“Open prisons in Scotland” Scot.Gov. (January 2010)
“Open estate abscond report” Scot.Gov. (June 2009)

See also

Scottish Parliament Official Report 21.1.10: Richard Baker (North East Scotland) (Lab): To ask the First Minister what progress has been made on implementing the recommendations in Professor Alec Spencer’s report regarding the transfer of prisoners to the open prison estate, “Balancing Risk and Need”.

The Scottish Government’s Response to Professor Alec Spencer’s Report ‘Balancing Risk and Need’ (January 2010)
Balancing Risk and Need: Review of the decision to send Brian Martin to open conditions in the light of his subsequent absconding from the Open Estate on 18 May 2009 and issues highlighted as a consequence (Spencer Report June 2009)
Cabinet Secretary’s statement to Parliament on open prisons 27.05.09

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