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CAP subsidy and bird poisoning: police investigate sea eagle death on estate

2010 January 21
by Mary Munro


“Police to investigate new bird–of–prey poisoning case in Angus glens” Guardian
“Police probe into sea eagle poisoning” BBC

Following posted on 17.11.08

“Wildlife crime law under threat” Scotsman
“Minister calls for poisoning deterrent to remain in place” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 07.01.08

“EU grant cut for landowner whose gamekeeper tried to kill birds of prey” Guardian
“Farmer’s £8000 subsidy cut over wildlife crimes” Herald
“Landowner’s subsidies are docked after gamekeeper tried to kill birds of prey” Scotsman
“Subsidy cut after poison offence” BBC

Press release

“Sea eagle poisoning a ‘despicable crime’” RSPB (January 2010)
“Plea to save regulations that hit wildlife criminals in the pocket” RSPB Scotland (November2008)
“Preventing wildlife crime” Scot.Gov.

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