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Police costs and sectarian marches

2009 August 31
by Mary Munro


“Policing fees will be difficult to execute” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.8.09

“Orange circus is out of order” Scotsman
“Vile Orange marches prove Scots still have way to go on compassion” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 21.8.09

“Orange chief slams council over ‘attack’” Evening Times
“Glasgow has more parades than Belfast and Londonderry combined” Herald
“‘People should not be bullied into renouncing traditions’” Herald

Following posted on 20.8.09

“Glasgow Council ponders plan to cut Orange parades by 90%” Daily Record
“Parades set to be cut” Evening Times
“Orange Order ‘under attack’ over parades, claims chief” Herald
“Devine claims Orange Order is dying out” Herald
“Given their marching orders on Glasgow streets” Scotsman
“Orange marches face ‘major cuts’” BBC

Following posted on 19.8.09

“Bid to cut 90% of parades by Loyal Orders” Herald
“The cost of marches” Herald
“‘We need to strike a balance on rights to parade’” Herald

Following posted on 7.8.09

“Police bill for three Orange marches nears £1m” Herald

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