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Glasgow youth gangs, territorialism and sectarianism research

2009 August 4
by Mary Munro

“Glasgow’s gang rule imprisons young on their own streets” Times
“Teenagers ‘scared to leave homes’” BBC
“Fear of gangs stops youngsters straying far” Scotsman
“Glasgow’s youth live in fear of gang attacks” STV
“Street gang attacks stops kids from walking home through Scots estates” Daily Record

Following posted on 7.7.08

“‘School lessons to curb sectarianism” Herald

See also

Deuchar, R and Holligan, C Gangs, Sectarianism and Social Capital. A Qualitative Study of Young People in Scotland Sociology February 2010 vol. 44 no. 1 13-3

Holligan and Deuchar (October 2009) Territorialities in Scotland: perceptions of young people in Glasgow Journal of Youth Studies Volume 12, Issue 6, 2009

Chris Holligan (Scotsman February 2008). In ‘tribal’ Scotland, we must learn to know our neighbours

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