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Youth gangs, violence and social networking sites

2009 March 3
by Mary Munro


“119 thugs held in online blitz” Evening Times
“Web images lead to raids on gangs” Herald
“Cops’ dawn raid on evil web thugs” Evening Times

Following posted on 22.08.08

“Police pledge to investigate new Dundee fight videos” Courier
“Bebo finally pull gang photos after Record campaign” Daily Record

Following posted on 11.08.08

“Teenagers arrested in blitz on YouTube and Bebo knife thugs” Daily Record
“Scottish teens arrested over internet weapon broadcasts” The Herald
“Online drive to cut violent crimes” Scotsman

Following posted on 05.08.08

“Gang War On The Web” Daily Record

Following posted on 30.07.08

“City gangs playing with fire” Evening News

Following posted 04.06.08

“Police find 200 gang children on internet” The Herald
“Police target 200 children in ‘Bebo’ swoop” The Scotsman
“Police raid homes of web crime children” Press and Journal
“Cops swoop on 182 social networking site crime kids” Daily Record

Following posted 02.06.08

“Police swoop on networking sites” BBC
“Backlash on Bebo for ‘happy slapping’ assault gang” Daily Record

Following posted 11.03.08

“Gangs caught out by online boast” BBC

Following posted 29.10.07

“Gangs surf the net of violence” Evening News

Following posted 25.07.07

“Bebo being used to organise gang fights” STV
“Gangfights, drinking, racism, sectarianism … and chipmunk techno. The websites which are helping Ned culture go global” Sunday Herald

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