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Marches and parades: consultation responses and analysis published: policing costs

2009 February 27
by Mary Munro


“Marches cost police £1.2m” Times

Following posted on 07.07.08

“Orange parades ‘pass peacefully'” BBC
“Orange Order bids to turn walk into week-long festival” Sunday Herald
“Warning to bigots over Orange Walk behaviour” Evening Times

Following posted on 27.06.08

“Orange Order in deal over traffic costs of march” Herald
“Bid to make Orange Order pay traffic costs of march” Herald
“Row brewing over Orange Order walks bill” STV

Following posted on 09.06.08

“Public are left in the dark on the cost of policing Orange and Republican marches” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 05.06.08

“Orange Order fights march ban in court” Scotsman

Following posted on 05.04.07

“Republican parade to march into history after twenty years” Evening News
“Connolly march scrapped after 20 years” Herald


“Open and shut case? Ian Bell ponders Rangers’ self-policing plan to silence the bigots in their ranks” Sunday Herald

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