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Scottish Law Commission report on Crown appeals published

2008 August 1
by Mary Munro


The Scottish Law Commission has published its report on Crown appeals.

“This is the first Report to be published in terms of the reference given to the Scottish Law Commission on 20 November 2007. In that reference, the Scottish Government asked the Commission to consider the law relating to judicial rulings that can bring a solemn case to an end without the verdict of a jury, and rights of appeal against such; the principle of double jeopardy, and whether there should be exceptions to it; and a number of aspects of the law of evidence. The Report addresses only the first part of the reference; the Commission aims to report upon double jeopardy in 2009 and upon the remaining aspects of the reference in 2010 or 2011.” (From press release – see below).

“”No case” rulings should be appealable: Commission” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 01.04.08

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Press releases

“Scottish Law Commission recommends right of appeal for prosecution” Scottish Law Commission (July 2008)

“Discussion paper on Crown appeals (news release)” Scottish Law Commission (April 2008)

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