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From the database: community wardens and the regulation of antisocial behaviour

2007 November 14
by Mary Munro


“Wardens have ‘increasingly constructive’ role in communities”

Following posted on 8.11.07

“Police chief in warning over too many roles for civilians” Herald
“Community wardens are backed by residents” Press and Journal

Following posted on 02.11.07

“Give civilian staff wider police role, urges chief” Herald
“Future for policing” Herald
“A force to be reckoned with” Herald

“A two-tier system could be the future for policing” Herald Article by Dr Daniel Donnelly author of ‘Community Wardens in Scotland – Practitioners’ Views’ (Carnegie Trust for Scotland).

Following posted on 18.10.07

“Uncertainty over funding for wardens” Courier

Following posted on 26.3.07

“Crime soars in warden areas” Press and Journal
“Dundee wardens praised” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 23.11.06

“Wardens scheme gets £3.4m to help make streets safe” Evening Times
“Funds boost to tackle yobs” Evening News
“Help of £1.9m to beat bad behaviour” Evening Express

Following posted on 24.5.06

“Call to step up action on antisocial behaviour” Press and Journal 24.5.06
“Anti-social crackdown paying off” Press and Journal

Following posted on 15.5.06

“Assistant constables and more power for community wardens” Evening Times
“Bobbies on beat to get helping hand” Sunday Times

Following posted on 2.9.05

“How street wardens are winning the war on crime” Evening Times

Following posted on 1.2.05

“We want a better place to live in” Fife Now

Following posted on 2.11.04

“Hit squads to take on yobs in crime blitz “ Evening News

Following posted on 22.10.04

“Wardens cop flak: [. . .] new community wardens on a Dumfries estate have been targeted by yobs [. . .] ” Dumfries News
“Warden Margaret leads kids’ town clean-up bid” Forres Gazette

Following posted on 6.10.04

“Are wardens the right way to back bobbies?” Evening Express

Following posted on 24.9.04

“Crack squad tackles north tearaways” Press and Journal
“New safety officers tackle behaviour in pilot areas” Kirkintilloch Today
“Council team to target ‘neds’ “ Inverness Courier
“Wardens ready to hit the streets” Lochaber News 16.9.04

“Wardens vow to tackle area’s street disorder: Community wardens this week vowed to return order to the streets of South Ayrshire . . .”Ayrshire News
“Stranraer wardens go on patrol “ Galloway Gazette

“Funding fears over anti-crime wardens” Evening Times

Following posted on 13.8.04

“It’s training time for Stranraer street wardens: Stranraer’s first ever street warden team went into training this week – and they vowed to make their patch a safer and happier place to live. . .” Stanraer Free Press

“Wardens will help make streets safer: A new resource to tackle anti-social behaviour and environmental issues which ‘annoy people’ around the Forres area took to the streets last week in the shape of a community warden . . .” Forres Gazette
“Will wardens make a real difference?: Community wardens have only just taken their first, tentative steps on the streets of Forres and the surrounding district, but already questions are being asked about what exactly is being expected of them . . .” Forres Gazette. Opinion.

Following posted on 13.7.04

“Street squad will be eyes and ears of communities” “The 20 new community wardens will help to boost the quality of life for residents across the city.” Evening Express
“Twenty new wardens for Aberdeen” “Twenty new community wardens are starting work in Aberdeen this morning.” Grampian Television

Following posted on 13.6.04

“Anti-social hit squads plan for Dundee” “[. . .] The council is set to apply for funding of £1.5 million over two years to set up two rapid response safety warden teams. . .”Evening Telegraph

“Dundee street wardens are go” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 13.3.04

“Anti-social orders ‘are ignored’: Local authorities are failing to use existing powers to tackle the problem of nuisance neighbours, BBC Scotland has learned. Unruly neighbours are making life unbearable in homes across Scotland, according to the Scottish Executive. But a Frontline Scotland investigation found that a quarter of councils have not issued a single anti-social behaviour order . . .” BBC

“Wardens coming to Angus towns despite doubts:The new Community Warden scheme may bring £500,000 to Angus over the next three years but it will be money wasted on ‘Baseball Billies’ rather than bobbies on the beat. That view was shared by members of Angus Council’s strategic policy committee yesterday. They admitted the authority would be silly to look a gift horse in the mouth but condemned the scheme as ill-conceived and ineffectual in its potential to tackle problems facing communities. . .” Courier

“Hell mob are ‘let off'” Daily Record

Community Wardens tackle trouble in Buchan towns: Dedicated crime fighters are being recruited to crack down on anti-social behaviour in Fraserburgh and Peterhead. Grampian Police want to install five community wardens in Buchan’s two biggest towns. . .” Press and Journal 18.3.04

Following posted on 23.2.04

“Bobbies on the beat, not wardens on the phone: [. . .] where have all the bobbies gone? Every time there is a rise in crime, or an incident of random violence, and every time politicians announce a new crackdown, the public responds as one with a resounding call for more police on the beat [. . .] Yet what do we get instead? Neighbourhood response teams, or community wardens, or council hit squads, or civilian patrols. . .” Sunday Times

Following posted on 19.2.04

“Councillor doubts value of new plan for wardens: A scheme to put community wardens into hard-pressed areas in Scotland could be short-lived if extra funding is not provided in future, a Highland councillor warned yesterday. . .” Press and Journal 19.2.04.

“Wardens set to hit streets in yob crackdown” Evening News 19.2.04.

“Executive under fire over wardens: Ministers were under fire last night for recruiting 400 powerless new community wardens at a cost of around £30,000 each more than a trained police officer. . .” Courier

“Critics say wardens plan is policing on the cheap: Plans to recruit 400 wardens to patrol communities across Scotland were attacked yesterday by police and opposition politicians [. . .] However, the Scottish Police Federation said they would rather the money was spent on recruiting more police. . .” Scotsman

“Labour lines up 400 wardens to cut street crime: Labour’s drive to tackle anti-social behaviour was stepped up yesterday with the announcement that 400 community wardens are to be recruited in a bid to make Scotland’s streets safer. . .”Daily Telegraph

“More wardens for problem areas: The Scottish Executive has announced the recruitment of 400 community wardens as part of its crackdown on anti social behaviour.
A total budget of £30m has been allocated to help local authorities tackle the problem [. . .] Two-thirds of anti social behaviour funding has been marked up for what it dubbed “warden-related” initiatives. . .” BBC

“Scotland to get 400 community wardens: Four hundred community wardens are being drafted in across Scotland to tackle anti-social behaviour. The Executive says communities will welcome the £20 million scheme but critics have attacked the plan as policing on the cheap and called for the money to be spent on recruiting more officers. . .” Scottish TV

“Community wardens for Scotland” Grampian TV

“Aberdeen is awarded £1m to tackle crime: Aberdeen is to be awarded more than £1million in funding from the Scottish Executive to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. The executive is expected to confirm this morning that the city has been successful in its bid for £850,000 for various initiatives. Around £500,000 will pay for new teams of community wardens in areas with the highest crime rates. . .” Press and Journal

“£30 million for crime patrols: There will soon be community wardens patrolling the streets of Tayside and Fife on the look-out for anti-social behaviour, thanks to funding confirmed by the Scottish Executive today [. . .] Dundee City Council has been granted £2.1 million over two years to pay for the wardens and other schemes aimed at stemming crime in troubled communities. Its counterparts in Angus and Perth and Kinross will each get £460,000 as part of a £30 million package shared by 32 local authorities. Fife has been allocated £525,000, of which £400,000 will be spent on the wardens project, with the rest going on other measures aimed at improving community safety. . .” Evening Telegraph

“Bid to combat anti-social behaviour given £3m boost: Glasgow is to get more than £3 million over the next two years in a drive to combat anti-social behaviour, it was revealed today. . .” Evening Times

“Hit squads set to crack down on yobs across city: Community wardens and council hit squads are to be employed across Edinburgh as part of a £30 million initiative to tackle violent and anti-social behaviour. However, the move, which will see dozens more uniformed civilians patrolling the city’s streets, has been blasted as “policing on the cheap”. . . Evening News

Following posted on 7.1.04

“Patrol teams to target neighbours from hell: Community wardens and professional witnesses will be recruited as part of a £230,000 war on anti-social behaviour. The civilians will tackle vandalism and youth disorder in the troublespots in East Renfrewshire from April. . .” Evening Times

Following posted on 24.11.03

“Community wardens to patrol crime-hit streets: Anti-social behaviour in Easter Ross could soon be tackled head-on with the appointment of community wardens to patrol crime-hit streets. . .” Grampian TV

“Wardens will walk city streets in bid to beat anti-social behaviour:; Community wardens will start patrolling the streets of Glasgow next year in a bid to crack down on anti-social behaviour. Council bosses are to recruit up to 50 civilians to tackle vandalism and youth disorder in some of the worst troublespots in the city. . .” Evening Times
“Red jackets get power to fine bad neighbours: Community wardens will be given powers to issue ?100 fixed penalty fines for anti-social behaviour under controversial plans drawn up by the Scottish Executive. . .” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 19.10.03

“‘When we are confronted by youths, it can be scary’: You are warned not to touch the banisters in the empty, crumbling flats of Craigmillar. Drug addicts tape needles underneath for future use. . .”
Scotland on Sunday

Press releases

“Community wardens conference” Scot.Gov. (November 2007)
“The Scottish Executive has published an evaluation of Community Warden Schemes” Scottish Police Federation (March 2007)

“Community wardens conference” Scot. Exec. (November 2006)

“More wardens, or more police officers?” Scottish Conservatives (2006)
“It’s Time for a Visible Police Presence on our Streets” SNP (2006)

“Wardens to tackle antisocial behaviour: Four hundred Community Wardens are to be recruited across Scotland as part of the drive to crack down on antisocial behaviour (ASB). Communities Minister Margaret Curran today announced how £30 million ASB funding will be spent by the country’s 32 local authorities over the next two years. The 400 wardens will come from £20 million ring-fenced for warden-related initiatives. From the remaining ?10 million for other community-based initiatives will come 19 new or expanded mediation schemes, 16 dedicated ASB teams at community level and 11 schemes to support witnesses and victims. . .” Scot. Exec.

See also

Scottish Parliament Official Report First Minister’s Questions 1.11.07: Annabel Goldie: Does he agree that community wardens are nothing more than “policing on the cheap”?

Independent Evaluation of Aberdeen Community Warden Scheme (2007)

Fife Council Housing and Community Committee (October 2007): Community Warden and Community Caretaking Services in Fife
Evaluation of the Impact and Implementation of Community Wardens

Report to ACC Community Services 30.5.06

Scottish Police Federation 17.1.05: Effective Use of Police Time and ‘Minor Crimes’

Local newspapers ran regular stories about the activities of community wardens. It would have been repetitious to log all of them. The publication, Check-list for Setting Up Community Warden Schemes – An Advice Note from The Scottish Executive (February 2004), notes the importance of promotion and concludes that ‘a good publicity strategy can make a scheme seem ‘bigger’ than it is and can help manage expectations’.

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