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Edinburgh’s Hunter Square alcohol exclusion zone story

2007 July 9
by Mary Munro


“Booze ban at square fills park with drunks” Evening News 6.7.07
“Mile ‘being turned into no-go zone by drunks'” Evening News 24.5.07

Following posted on 27.4.07

“Long arm of the law is just too short of money” Evening News
“City square booze ban branded ‘total mess'” Evening News
“Police say drink by-laws not an instant solution “ STV

Following posted on 29.8.06

“Nightmare as Garden turns into drinks den” Evening News

Following posted on 14.8.06

“Homeless people ‘banned’ from busy Edinburgh square for Festival period” Big Issue Scotland

Following posted on 1.6.06

“Drunks and beggars hit by another square ban” Evening News
“Police in new blitz on drunks” Daily Record 1.6.06

Following posted on 31.10.05

“Hardcore drunks face square asbos” Evening News

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