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Election 2007: justice headlines

2007 May 2
by Mary Munro


“Tories slam ‘soft’ jail terms” Evening News
“Tories call for tougher prison sentences” Evening Times
“Goldie promises to be tough on crime” Herald
“Tories plan for more prison space”

Following posted on 30.4.07

“Cracking down on a million crimes a year” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 25.4.07

“Police on beat demand at hustings” Courier
“Labour and SNP go to war on crime and tax” Herald

“Parties put law and order policy up for police scrutiny” Evening News
“Why politicians find the polis such a captivating audience” Herald
“Politicians questioned by police” BBC
“Election focus shifts to policing” STV

Following posted on 24.4.07

“Get out of jail free thanks to the SNP” Daily Record 24.4.07

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“Victims group calls for rape conviction action”
“Laying down the law and order priorities” Scotsman
“Protection for the public” Scotsman

“A killing every three days as violence surges on the streets” Scotsman
“Violent crime levels drop sharply” BBC

“Hate crime anger at Labour”

“The battle for our streets “ Evening Times

Following posted on 20.4.07

“Labour announces plans for safer communities”
“McConnell lays into Cameron over crime” Evening News

“Cost of jail not worth the price” Evening News. Article by Ruth Stark, the professional officer for Scotland for the British Association of Social Workers.

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“Need for a change of direction on penal policy” Herald

Following posted on 18.04.07

“Lib Dems attack Labour’s Asbo ‘gimmick'” Evening News
“Naming and shaming yobs is not on my agenda says Aitken” Evening News

“Christian parties clash over hanging” Herald

Following posted on 17.04.07

“Parties face crime question” STV
“Parties pledging action on crime” BBC
“Goldie slams Labour for record on crime” Scotsman

“‘Instant Asbos’ plan in Labour’s crime purge” Evening Times
“McConnell plans ‘instant Asbos’ “ Herald

“We’ll boot out the dud judges” and “Record View: Judges should also be judged” Daily Record 16.04.07

“Drugs plan pledged to help addicts break cycle of crime” Herald
“Purcell vows to break crime link to drugs” Evening Times

Following posted on 16.04.07

“Gay groups demand new ‘hate crime’ law” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 13.4.07

“SNP officially launches manifesto”
“Salmond plan to put SNP in power” Courier
“Salmond ‘ready to govern’ as party manifesto launched” Evening News
“Power, police and pounds: SNP leader throws down the gauntlet” Herald
“The SNP’s pledges” Herald
“SNP’s poster boy drives his message home” Scotsman
“SNP launch manifesto” STV

“SNP in crime force promise” Evening News
“SNP call for new crime taskforce” Evening Times
“SNP to get tough on organised crime”

“SNP pledges crackdown on underage booze culture” Evening News
“Salmond pledges to put more cops on the streets” Evening Times

Following posted on 12.4.07

“Pathway to progress” Evening Times

“Labour to tackle councils flouting Asbos” Herald
“Labour crackdown on disorder” Scotsman
“Labour outlines plans to build safer communities”
“McConnell confronted as he hails action on rowdies” Press and Journal
“Tackling antisocial behaviour” Press and Journal

“Banned from frying, doing washing and carrying baseball bats” Evening Express

“Voluntary sector attacks emerging ASBO culture” Holyrood. com

“Scottish Lib Dems pledge 100 percent green energy target “
“Lib Dems push local income tax “ Courier
“Lib Dems promise an ‘energy revolution’ in new manifesto” Evening News
“LibDems in pledge to crack down on crime”Evening Times
“Scotland needs more power, not independence, says LibDem leader” Herald
“The LibDems’ vision” Herald
“Lib Dems plan £1bn front-line services boost” Scotsman
“Scottish Liberal Democrats launch manifesto” STV
“LibDems launch power play with ‘green’ energy pledge” Herald

Following posted on 11.4.07

“Socialists unveil flagship policies” Evening Times
“Socialists reveal £1bn plan to scrap charges on public transport” Herald
“SSP pledges free public transport in Scotland” STV

“Tories deny elected officials would exert political control on police” Herald
“Tories want Police vote” Daily Record

“Labour: We’ll name and shame the neds” Evening Times
“Labour pledges best education system for Scotland” Guardian
“Teachers at the heart of Labour manifesto” Herald
“Education, education, education” Herald
“Labour’s big freeze to pay for education” Scotsman
“Detail proves a devil as Jack misses big chance” Scotsman
“Labour’s disappointing wish-list” Scotsman
“Labour launch manifesto” STV

Following posted on 10.4.07

“We will out the louts” Daily Record 10.4.07
“Teachers at the heart of Labour manifesto” Herald
“‘Education not separation’ at core of Labour manifesto” Scotsman
“Education top of Labour’s agenda” BBC
“Labour and the SSP launch manifestos” STV

Following posted on 4.4.07

“There are better ways to cut crime than to jail the few who commit it “ Herald

“Greens to be tough on the causes of crime”
“Greens seek to increase MSP tally” BBC
“Scottish Greens launch election manifesto”

Following posted on 03.04.07

“Conservative party launches election manifesto”
“Tories in pledge to put right Holyrood ‘failures'” Evening Times
“Crime blitz heads Tory plans” Courier
“Goldie rejects Holyrood coalition” BBC
“Goldie pledges £1bn for drug fight but rules out pact” Herald
“Tories pledge £1bn blitz on crime and taxes” Scotsman
“Scottish Tories’ fringe show” Scotsman

“Tough tactics in the battle to tame the young offenders” Herald
“What the parties say” Herald

Following posted on 02.04.07

“Conservatives to launch manifesto” BBC

“A scarred society” Herald
“The high price of Scotland’s drink and blade culture” Herald

Following posted on 29.03.07

“Future of North police to be polls issue” Press and Journal

Following posted on 23.03.07

“Lie detectors in Tory crime plans” Courier
“Tories set out £1bn plan to beat crime” Herald
“Tories pledge £1bn crime crackdown” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.03.07

“Goldie pledges more police as Mundell leak row goes on” Evening News
“Tory event ends with law promise” BBC
“Scots Tory leader’s police pledge” BBC

Following posted on 23.02.07

“Call for Scottish ‘victims’ tsar’ “ BBC
“I’ve rebuilt my life thanks to Victim Support” Evening Times
“Dedicated Victim’s Commissioner wanted for Scotland” STV
“Drive to offer more help to crime victims” Evening News

Following posted on 19.02.07

“LibDem conference: Key plan” Herald
“Lib Dems ‘new approach’ on crime” BBC
“Lib Dem Leader promises seven bills in seven months for a brighter future for Scotland” STV

Following posted on 12.02.07

“LibDems unveil ‘radical’ prisons plan” Herald
“Lib Dems in prison service pledge” BBC

“Scots Tories call for law change to put acquitted suspects on trial” Evening News
“Call for end to double jeopardy” BBC
“Scottish Conservatives want to change the double jeopardy law” STV
“Tories in call for retrial law” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 29.01.07

“Gangster memoirs to be outlawed by Labour” Scotland on Sunday
“Memoirs to be tackled in new bill” Sunday Herald
“Cathy’s Asbos for gangsters” Sunday Mail 28.1.07
“Criminal memoirs to be outlawed” BBC
“More anti-crime measures proposed by Labour” Law Society Journal Online

“Key policies ditched as Scottish Tories focus on drugs and crime” Scotsman
“Goldie’s Scottish policies fail to glisten” Scotsman

Following posted on 18.01.07

“Cameron prioritises drugs projects” Herald
“Scottish Tories promise cash to tackle drugs if elected” STV
“Tories pledge extra £100m for drug rehab” Evening News
“SNP says thousands waiting for drug rehabilitation” STV

Following posted on 14.11.06

“SNP ‘wants to lay down law on jail sentences'” Scotsman
“SNP aims to let victims of crime set sentences” Times

Following posted on 23.10.06

“Courts to explain criminal sentences to victims” Sunday Times

Press releases

“Prisoners in prison, not convicts in the community” Scottish Conservatives

“Labour building safer communities with tough action on anti social behaviour” Scottish Labour
“Labour is the real party of law and order” Scottish Labour

“SNP Will Clamp Down on Serious and Organised Crime” SNP

“Labour’s crime fighting package will help build safer communities” Scottish Labour

SSP: Crime, Justice and Safer Communities

“Goldie launches biggest assault on crime and drugs ever seen in Scotland” Scottish Conservatives

“Greens Launch Manifesto for Green Government” Scottish Green Party

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