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Prisoner votes: March 2004 to April 2007

2007 April 16
by Mary Munro


“100 perverts now set to challenge for voting rights” Evening Express
“Prisoners to sue over voting ban” BBC

Following posted on 16.04.07

“Cons lose poll battle” Daily Record 14.04.07
“Right to vote call opens old wounds for victims” Evening Express
“Should prisoners have the right to vote?” Evening Express
“Evil sex beasts who are fighting for the right to vote” Evening Express

Following posted on 26.3.07

“Judge rejects prisoner bid for early release to vote” Evening News
“Prisoner’s vote plea thrown out “ Evening Times
“Judge denies inmate’s voting bid” BBC

Following posted on 23.03.07

“Prisoner in fight to go to polls” Evening Express
“Prisoner demands release to vote in elections” Scotsman
“Judge to rule in prisoner vote bid” STV
“Prisoner demands ‘right to vote'” BBC
“Prisoner wants freed to vote” Law Society Journal Online

“Legal action to halt election lodged” STV

Following posted on 5.2.07

“Ex-prisoner may win £5,000 in legal aid over voting case” Scotsman
“Anger at convict’s legal aid bill” BBC

Following posted on 05.02.07

“100 prisoners in legal fight over voting” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 26.01.07

“Jail ruling won’t stop elections: ministers” Courier
“Taxpayers to face legal bills as prisoners seek damages” Herald
“We are in rum company over prisoners’ rights” Herald
“Scottish judges have ruled that a ban on prisoner voting breaches human rights laws, but should inmates be allowed to vote?” Scotland on Sunday
“Prison vote fiasco set to cost millions in legal aid” Scotsman
“Prisoners’ votes are least of our worries” Scotsman. Article by Clive Fairweather, former Chief Inspector of Prisons.
“Holyrood row over May’s election “ BBC
“First Minister says prison decision will not derail election” STV
“Ministers hit back in prison election row” Evening Times
“Where we went wrong on human rights laws” Evening News

Following posted on 25.01.07

“Prisoner row may delay elections” Courier
“A boot in the ballots” Should they get the right?” “Outrage over vote for cons” Daily Record 25.1.07
“£7m for prisoners denied the vote at Holyrood elections” Herald
“Ministers had a year to act on jail voting” Herald
“Voting for prisoners” Herald
“Ruling on votes for prisoners could postpone 2007 Holyrood elections” Scotsman
“Incompetence over voting ban” Scotsman
“Court rules on prison voting ban” BBC
“Prisoners to get right to vote” STV
“Legality of May elections challenged” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 15.12.06

“Prisoners could get the vote after European judgment” Times
“Convicted prisoners could get right to vote” Guardian

Following posted on 24.11.06

“Poll rights for cons” Daily Record 24.11.06
“Convicts in court move for the vote” Evening Times
“May elections human rights breach warning” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 10.10.05

“European court backs vote for prisoners” EUObserver
“In praise of … the European court of human rights” Guardian
“What was meant to protect now threatens”Scotsman 10.10.05
“Prisoners could be elected to Parliament” Sunday Post
Following posted on 7.10.05
“UK prisoners should get vote, European court rules “ Guardian
“Prison vote ban ‘breaches rights’ “ BBC
“Euro court gives UK prisoners vote” Evening Times
“Worst criminals will not get vote in jail despite European court ruling “ Guardian
“Euro court decides prisoners can vote” Herald
“Prisoners to get vote after European court ruling “ Scotsman
“Prisoners granted the right to vote” Times
“Prisoners must be able to vote, European court says” Independent
“Prisoners to get the vote” Telegraph

Following posted on 27.4.05

“Prisoners’ votes appeal to be heard” Guardian
“Europe appeal over prisoner vote “ BBC
Following posted on 6.4.05
“Prisoners’ voting bar ‘outdated’ “ BBC

Following posted on 1.11.04

“Prisoner’s legal fight for vote set to pave the way for 80,000” Scotsman

Following posted on 31.3.04

“Euro court backs prisoner over voting rights:” Laws preventing all convicted prisoners from voting in elections are a breach of their human rights, the European Court in Strasbourg decided yesterday. . .” Telegraph
“Prisoners must get right to vote, says court:” The government will be forced to lift a ban on prisoners voting dating back to 1870 after the European court of human rights ruled yesterday it breached a lifer’s human rights. . .” Guardian

Press releases

“MacAskill: Court of Session Ruling ‘Utter Nonsense'” SNP

See also

DCA (December 2006) Voting rights of convicted prisoners detained within the United Kingdom; the UK Government’s response to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights judgement in the case of Hirst v. the United Kingdom

William Smith (AP) v K.D. Scott Electoral Registration Officer

Official Report 25.1.07: Nicola Sturgeon (Glasgow) (SNP): I refer the First Minister to yesterday’s court ruling on prisoners’ voting rights. We are told on page 3 of the court’s judgement that the Scottish Executive was given notice of the appeal when it was lodged back in 2004, that under the Human Rights Act 1998 it had a right to become involved, but that it chose not to become a party to the case. Why did it make that choice?

Prisoners’ voting rights consultation paper. Written ministerial statement. 14.12.06

Voting rights of convicted prisoners detained within the United Kingdom – the UK Government’s response to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights judgment in the case of Hirst v. the United Kingdom

“Grand Chamber Judgement Hirst v the United Kingdom (No.2)”European Court of Human Rights (October 2005)

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