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Antisocial behaviour dispersal orders: Dennistoun, Mid-Calder, Sauchie

2007 January 18
by Mary Munro


“We won’t live in fear any more “ Evening Times 11.1.07

There was a member’s debate on the Dennistoun dispersal order on 17.1.07 on the following motion: S2M-5368# Paul Martin: Dennistoun Dispersal Order—That the Parliament welcomes the success of the dispersal order in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow; notes that the dispersal order has been widely welcomed by residents who live in the Dennistoun area; recognises the importance of ensuring that the legal remedies provided by the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004 are enforced; congratulates Strathclyde Police E Division on its commitment to ensuring that the dispersal order introduced on 13 October 2006 is a success, and believes that steps should be taken to ensure that a comprehensive exit plan is in place after the dispersal notice expires, that there is a local plan to ensure that local youth diversionary activities are in place and that an independent evaluation is carried out.

Following posted on 14.12.06

“Anti-social crime drive success” BBC

Following posted on 29.11.06

“Leave us, say youths back on streets of dispersal zone village” Scotsman

Following posted on 1.11.06

“We’ve taken our streets back” Evening Times
“Dispersal order is sending neds my way” Evening Times

Following posted on 17.10.06

“Crime ‘cut’ after dispersal move” BBC
“No-go for neds “ Evening Times

Following posted on 6.10.06

“Dispersal order will be enforced to make streets safe” Herald
“Police target youth gang disorder” BBC
“Gang crackdown as cops force thugs off streets” Evening Times

Following posted on 20.9.06

“‘Success’ claims in crime drive” BBC
“Sauchie residents welcome dispersal order” STV

Following posted on 11.9.06

“Order aims to tackles teen gangs” BBC

Following posted on 6.9.06

“Cops move on 40 youths in new gang blitz” Evening Times
“New powers can help curb teen violence” Evening Times
“Police invoke new powers to control gangs” Scotsman

Following posted on 29.8.06

“Low use of Asbos and tagging leaves powers branded a flop” Evening News 30.8.06

“Get off the streets” Evening Times
Following posted on 28.8.06
“3pm to 3am city curfew bans gangs from streets” Evening Times
“Tougher powers to break up teenage gangs” Herald

Following posted on 10.7.06

“Senior policeman hits back at ministers over ASBO use” Scotsman
“Police rebel against Asbos” Sunday Times

Following posted on 28.6.06

“McConnell’s gang dispersal dismay” BBC
“Jack fury at lack of action on neds” Daily Record 28.6.06
“McConnell hits out over lack of dispersal orders” Courier
“Lack of asbos enrages First Minister” Herald
“Police under fire over war on yob culture” Scotsman
“McConnell attacks police and councils over anti-social behaviour powers” Scottish TV
“Collision course” Evening Telelgraph
“Police ‘must use powers on rowdies'” Press and Journal
“Councils and police criticised on dispersal orders” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 20.6.06

“Lack of dispersal orders ‘not good enough'” Scotsman
“McConnell sees church ban impact” BBC

Following posted on 16.3.06

“New dawn for village of the banned” Herald
“Police cease crackdown on village yobs” Evening News

Following posted on 10.1.06

“Village youth control order ‘has worked’ “ Evening News
“Village dispersal order ‘success'” BBC
“Village dispersal order hailed a success “ Scottish TV
“Village’s first month of dispersal order a success “ Evening News

Following posted on 12.12.05

“Quiet village curbs its noisy youths “ Guardian

Following posted on 5.12.05

“Dispersal orders for gangs begins in West Lothian “ Scottish TV
“Peace reigns in village as police use new powers to clear gangs” Scotsman
“Neds stay away in village of the banned” Daily Record 5.12.05
Following posted on 1.12.05
“Police get boost in bid to beat teen gangs” Evening Times
“Village covered by dispersal zone” BBC
“Village of the banned” Daily Record
“The ASBO lockdown” Daily Record
“Teenage gangs are banned from an entire village” Herald
“Banned: the youths who brought terror to a quiet, affluent village” Scotsman
“Village becomes no-go area for gangs of youths” Scottish TV
“Village under siege to fight back” Evening News 24.11.05

Following posted on 30.9.05

“Asbo in store for Asda gangs” Evening News
“There is evidence the problem just moves to another location” Evening News
“Streets where Asbo boy must fear to tread” Herald
“Police give out Asbos to break up rowdy gangs” Press and Journal

Press releases

“Area Commander praises Sauchie community” Central Scotland Police 13.12 06
“Antisocial behaviour targeted through introduction of dispersal area “ Central Scotland Police
“14 year old youth arrested in dispersal area” Central Police
“Sauchie dispersal order update” Central Police
“Police Enforce Dispersal Order In Glasgow’s East End” Strathclyde Police (October 2006)
“Police enforce dispersal orders in Knightwood” Strathclyde Police (August? 2006)
Scot. Exec. (June 2006) Contains link to video of briefing.
“Dispersal order for West Lothian village” Lothian and Borders Police (November 2005)

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