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Working Group on Hate Crime 2003-6

2006 November 23
by Mary Munro


“Minority groups angry at hate crime U-turn” Herald

Following posted on 26.9.06

“Criticism for Executive over hate crimes” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 8.8.06

“Call for recognition of hate crime against disabled people”
Following posted on 21.7.06
“Calls for hate-crime rethink as anti-gay offences soar” Scotsman

“Call for law change on homophobia rejected” Scotsman 1.7.06

Following posted on 25.10.04

“Law to protect gays opposed by faith groups” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 11.10.04

“Call to extend hate crime offence” BBC

Following posted on 3.5.04

“Warning on hate crime records” Poor record-keeping of court cases in Scotland may mean that there is no way of telling whether new laws are working [. . .] Dr Elinor Kelly warned the result could be the creation of questionable hate crimes on the back of laws on racist and sectarian harassment . . .” Herald

“Campaign to tackle city racism scourge” Glasgow is to launch an advertising campaign in an attempt to combat the scourge of racism and sectarianism blighting the city. . .” Scotsman

Following posted on 5.4.04

“Call to help disabled fight hate crimes” The harrowing story of a Perthshire resident with a learning disability who was bullied to the point of switching schools several times was used to highlight the numbers of people silently enduring harassment and attacks motivated by prejudice. Capability Scotland and the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) have used the case to focus on the shocking new figures and call for new legislation to protect disabled people against hate crime. . .” Courier
“Living in Fear” One in three disabled Scots is verbally abused or physically attacked at least once a month. . .” Daily Record
“Disabled people who live in fear of violence and intimidation” Bullying and violence is blighting the lives of thousands of disabled people in Scotland, a survey reveals today. . .” Herald
“Treatment of the disabled” The findings of a survey into the way disabled people are treated in modern Scotland make disturbing reading. . .” Herald Editorial
“Too frightened to go out with a white stick” John’s vision is so poor he cannot count the number of fingers held directly in front of his face, yet he is afraid to let strangers know about his disability. . .” Herald
“Disabled people victims of ‘hate crime'” Scottish TV
“Call for new laws to protect disabled from hate crimes” Scottish TV
“Disabled ‘are hate crime targets'” BBC

Following posted on 28.1.04

“Disabled people ‘victims of hate'” Anti-hate crime campaigners are calling for victimisation to be outlawed. One in five disabled Scots has experienced verbal or physical harassment because of disability, according to a study [. . .> The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) said hate crime has made life a misery for many disabled people in Scotland. . BBC

Following posted on 24.12.03

b>”War on Crimes of Hate” Tougher sentences for hate crimes could be in the pipeline. A consultation paper, seen by the Record, is due out in the first week of January. . . Daily Record

Press releases

“Working Group on Hate Crime report “ Scot. Exec. (Scot.Exec. Oct. 2004)

“Impact of Hate Crime on Disabled Scots: Research Reveals Impact of Hate Crime on Disabled Scots” New research released in April by Capability Scotland and the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) reveals that many disabled people are silently enduring harassment and attacks motivated by prejudice. Scotland?s leading disability organisation and the national disability rights watchdog are joining forces to call for new legislation to protect disabled people against hate crime. . . Capability Scotland (April 2004)

See also

Susan Deacon (Edinburgh East and Musselburgh) (Lab): To ask the Scottish Executive when it will act on the recommendation of its Working Group on Hate Crime to introduce a statutory aggravation for crimes motivated by malice or ill-will towards an individual based on their sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability.

Higgins K. (2006). Some Victims Less Equal Than Others. SCOLAG Bulletin.
Equality Network

Report: Working Group on Hate Crime (Oct. 2004)

Working Group on Hate Crime: Consultation Paper. Expired 30.4.04.

Disability Rights Commission – Scotland. Hate Crime Against Disabled People in Scotland: A Survey Report (April 2004)

Working Group on Hate Crime pages

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