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Spread of CCTV across Scotland: 2003-6 headlines

2006 November 13
by Mary Munro

Unfortunately many of these links have become unworkable as publications have redesigned their internet sites. Some have gone behind paywalls. It may still be possible to track some down through title searches and hard copies may also be available.


“Surveillance society reaches Shetland” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 11.10.06

“CCTV gets extra £1m to double storage” Herald

Following posted on 31.8.06

“Safety blitz for Meadows after spate of night attacks” Evening News
“CCTV call as Meadows is hit by rising violent attacks” Herald

“Call for CCTV at Inverness drinking den” Press and Journal

Following posted on 24.8.06

“Call to extend focus of city’s CCTV scheme” Evening News
“Capital to focus on 20% more CCTV cameras” Scotsman

Following posted on 8.6.06

“Antisocial behaviour? Society must look to itself, not CCTV” Scotsman. Article by Stuart Waiton, director of research group Generation Youth Issues.

Following posted on 5.6.06

“MSP joins CCTV push in two north-east ports” Press and Journal

Following posted on 24.4.06

“‘Mistaken identity’ man cleared” BBC
“Kirkwall gets CCTV to fight crime” BBC

Following posted on 10.1.06

“Council CCTV van is petrol bombed by estate youths “ Evening News

Following posted on 30.12.05

“Scourge of apprentice neds: cameras show chaos caused by child yobs” Daily Record 30.12.05

Following posted on 19.12.05

“New CCTV system installed in Whitfield “ Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 16.12.05

“Neighbour-hood watch” Evening Times
“Baseball cap ban for town’s youth “ BBC

Following posted on 1.12.05

“Switch-on sees Wick become latest north town with CCTV cover” Press and Journal

Following posted on 11.11.05

“£1m fund to develop new generation of CCTV cameras “ Scotsman
“Police spy cameras to focus on car crime at shopping park” Evening News
“Residents may be in line for CCTV” Evening Times
“CCTV on move after £1m from the Executive” Press and Journal

Following posted on 17.10.05

“Funding problems ‘putting city CCTV network at risk'” Evening Times

Following posted on 13.10.05

“Pubs asked to pay for CCTV” Evening Express
“Police look to licensed trade to extend CCTV” Press and Journal

Following posted on 21.9.05

“Spy camera deal on track” Evening Times
“First ScotRail trains set for new digital CCTV systems” Evening News

Following posted on 6.9.05

“Spy camera deal on track” Evening Times
“First ScotRail trains set for new digital CCTV systems” Evening News

Following posted on 12.8.05

“Network of CCTV cameras key to solving 25% of crimes “ Evening News

Following posted on 6.6.05

“Big brother really is watching us all” Scotsman

Following posted on 3.6.05

“Rosemount retailers join together to tackle shoplifters” Press and Journal

Following posted on 25.4.05

“Plug pulled on N-East CCTV plans” Evening Express 22.4.05

Following posted on 22.4.05

“Security cameras plan set to progress” Press and Journal

Following posted on 11.4.05

“CCTV-free countryside offers richer pickings for urban criminals” Times
Following posted on 7.4.05
“Incidents highlight benefits of CCTV in towns “ Courier
“More CCTV cameras than ever before” Grampian TV

Following posted on 3.3.05

“CCTV ‘does not cut crime'” Daily Record 25.2.05
“CCTV cameras fail to cut crime” Times

“Crime-hit traders seek £100,000 for CCTV system” Evening Times
“CCTV cameras brought in to cut crime on the Green” Evening Times

Following posted on 15.2.05

“CCTV cameras that climb lampposts to catch thugs” Evening Times

Following posted on 8.2.05

“More Fife towns get CCTV cover “ Courier

Following posted on 1.2.05

“Successful CCTV system taken over” John O’Groat Journal 28.1.05.

Following posted on 7.10.04

“CCTV upgrade in Highlands “ Scotsman
“Spy cameras given £200,000 upgrade” Highland Newscctv

Following posted on 21.9.04

“CCTV on track to keep yobs off railway” Evening Express

Following posted on 7.9.04

“CCTV boost in fight against street crime “ Evening News

Following posted on 3.9.04

“Spy camera move to end thugs’ reign: [. . .] Residents were told they are to get permanent CCTV cameras at public meeting where they again voiced concerns about the unacceptable levels of crime in the area . . .”Evening Times

Following posted on 27.8.04

“Broch businesses call for CCTV” Press and Journal
“Council to pilot new CCTV system? [. . .] The report offers seven options for the future use of CCTV, including keeping to current levels or abandoning the use of CCTV altogether. However the preferred option is for the creation of a central, Council-run, monitoring and control facility . . .”Border Telegraph

Following posted on 23.8.04

“Scots trains to get spy cameras in blitz on crime” Evening Times

Following posted on 16.8.04

“Hi-tech cameras cut crime in city’s dear green places” Evening Times

Following posted on 15.8.04

“Calls for CCTV cameras and recycling grow: [. . .] 96% of respondents agreed with the installation of CCTV cameras . . .” Press and Journal

Following posted on 5.8.04

“Child thugs terror ends after cops’ crackdown: A teen crimewave which had left a Glasgow community living in fear has been crushed by a massive police crackdown . . .”Evening Times

Following posted on 14.7.04

“City police use bus CCTV” “Buses which constantly film the streets of the Capital are being used by police to catch violent criminals . . .” Edinburgh Evening News

Following posted on 25.6.04

“Councillors’ support bodes well for permanent CCTV in Kirkwall” Orcadian
“CCTV and teenage curfew ruled out” “CCTV cameras will NOT be installed in Condorrat to help combat anti-social behaviour – after bosses at North Lanarkshire Council stated that the plans were “not financially viable” at present . . .”Cumbernauld Today

Following posted on 11.6.04

“Damning report focuses on CCTV failings” “Spy cameras used to fight crime and public disorder in the Borders are outdated and in need of a costly upgrade. [. . .] Councillors will now be asked to approve a £20,000 consultancy-led feasibility study on the future of CCTV. And that could lead to demands for a £2million cash injection from the council’s coffers . . .” Borders Today

Following posted on 1.6.04

“‘Flying squad’ of CCTV cameras to beat street terror” A “Flying Squad” of CCTV cameras has been set up to tackle crime in Glasgow communities terrorised by thugs and drug dealers. . .”Evening Times
“Camera to stop statue vandals” Evening Times

Following posted on 25.5.04

“Dundee buses get CCTV” Grampian TV

“Bus spy-cams” Daily Record

“Safety cameras on city buses: Dundee is the first city in Britain to have all its buses fitted with CCTV security cameras . . .” Evening Telegraph

“CCTV bid to tackle bus crime is unveiled” Evening Times

Following posted on 20.5.04

“Traders want security cameras to combat vandal menace: [. . .] “CCTV would help make the town safer and more attractive to new businesses. . .””Press and Journal

Following posted on 26.4.04

“Fear of crime makes UK most watched country in Europe: British people are living in greater fear of crime than any other European nation, an anxiety that is fuelling the massive increase in closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, a two-year study has revealed. The preliminary findings by the European Commission’s Urbaneye project, disclosed at a CCTV industry conference in Manchester, show that more than 90 per cent of Britons think high street CCTV cameras are a good thing, compared with 48 per cent in Germany, where the law governing their introduction is stricter, and just 24 per cent in Austria. . .” Independent

Following posted on 8.4.04

“Top police officer hails Thurso team which set up CCTV system: Thurso’s senior policeman has paid tribute to the work of the local group which paved the way for the establishment of the town’s closed circuit TV system. The community company set up to create and oversee the network of cameras is being wound up in the wake of the establishment of a Highland-wide regime to maintain the six schemes in the region. . .” Press and Journal

Following posted on 22.3.04

“Stornoway gets CCTV upgrade: A CCTV system in Stornoway has been upgraded in a bid to crackdown on drink fuelled crime in the town centre. The move follows an upsurge in anti-social behaviour at weekends. It’s hoped the new scheme will help deter trouble makers. . .” Grampian TV

Following posted on 9.2.04

“Vandal drive hits the road with bus CCTV: Television screens are to be installed on buses in the Capital in a hi-tech bid to beat vandals. . .” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.1.04

“Police praise role of CCTV in tackling community concerns: Police in Angus have praised the role the area’s public CCTV system plays in tackling crime, drink-driving and other concerns in the community. . .” Press and Journal

Following posted on 22.1.04

“?2m station work in bid to fight crime: Up to ?2 million is to be spent on CCTV and customer information systems at rail stations across the Lothians in a bid to tackle crime. Rail chiefs announced today that 24-hour CCTV will be fitted to stations in the Lothians – including three in Edinburgh – to boost security for rail passengers. . .” Evening News

Following posted on 12.1.04

Big Brother Britain, 2004. Four million CCTV cameras watch public. UK has the highest level of surveillance: More than four million surveillance cameras monitor our every move, making Britain the most-watched nation in the world, research has revealed. . .” Independent

How average Briton is caught on camera 300 times a day: Keep smiling – by the end of today your image may well have been captured on more than 300 surveillance cameras,mostly without you knowing it. . .” Independent

“Farewell to privacy: civil liberties and the secret revolution: It is hardly news that increasing quantities of personal data are recorded and stored on the computers of the world. Nor is it surprising that, with the development of digital photography, it is easier than ever to store and retrieve closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage. Few people would have suspected, however, that there are more CCTV cameras in Britain than anywhere else, in relation to the size of our population. . .” Independent

Following posted on 23.12.03

“Police defend CCTV cameras: Tayside Police today defended the use of CCTV cameras after a new study claimed they did nothing to prevent outbreaks of street violence . . . ” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 20.11.03

“Review on Lerwick CCTV plan: A feasibility study into CCTV being set up in the town centre of Lerwick is one likely outcome from a major meeting held in Shetland yesterday afternoon. . .” Press and Journal

Following posted on 10.11.03

“Pubs and clubs ‘should help pay for city’s CCTV’: Pubs and clubs should pay a levy to improve Glasgow’s CCTV security system, it was urged today. Springburn MSP Paul Martin is calling for a fee to be added to licensing applications to raise cash to upgrade the city’s security camera network. . .” Evening Times

Following posted on 27.10.03

Cameras just part of bigger picture: As a mobile CCTV unit hits the road, Lothian and Borders Chief Constable Paddy Tomkins ponders its place in fighting crime. [. . .]Many analysts suggest that CCTV has the effect of displacing, rather than reducing crime, and is dangerous if regarded as a panacea rather than as one element of a wider strategy incorporating land use, housing, transport policies and measures which encourage natural – people looking out for each other – rather than simply mechanised surveillance. CCTV thus needs to be part of a much more sophisticated and complex answer to the problem of crime . . .” Edinburgh Evening News

“Capital launches mobile spy camera: . . A mobile spy camera unit which will be used to target everything from fly-tipping and graffiti to parades and demonstrations was due to be unveiled in the Capital today . .The vehicle will be clearly marked with both police and council logos. It is hoped its presence will be a deterrent to potential trouble-makers . .” Edinburgh Evening News

Following posted on 19.10.03

“CCTV proves ?useless? in fight against shoplifting: Retailers have been warned that relying on CCTV cameras to protect their goods is useless as shoplifters are now so good at stealing they are hardly bothered by the surveillance. . .”Evening Times archive 15 Oct.03

Press releases

“Expansion of CCTV cameras” Scot. Exec.

“New paper explores the rise of surveillance technology in the UK” University of Aberdeen

“CCTV for all Dundee buses” Scot. Exec.

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