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Police stop and search in Scotland: latest headlines

2014 July 29
by KatrinaM


“Policing policies and open debate” Scotsman
“Toxic culture puts public at risk, warn officers” Scotsman

Following posted on 25.7.14

“MSP concerned by ‘staggering’ rise in police use of stop-and-search in Angus” Courier
“Concern over use of stop and search on children in East Dunbartonshire” Milngavie Herald

Following posted on 22.7.14

“Police Scotland frisk nine times as many people as the NYPD” Herald
“Scottish police carry out nine times more stop & searches than officers patrolling New York City” Daily Record

Following posted on 8.7.14

“Police: our bosses bully us to boost stop and search figures” Herald
“Police admit stop and search has more than doubled” Scotsman

Following posted on 1.7.14

“Police chiefs warn officers: step up stop and search” Herald
“Searches of non-Scots have risen by more than half under Police Scotland” Daily Record
“Stop and search thrown into question” Scotsman

Following posted on 23.6.14

“Claim police weapons finds are misleading” Herald
“Revealed: how police stop and search policy misleads the public” Herald
“Police Scotland agree to scrap stop and search operations on children” Herald

Following posted on 3.6.14

“Lack of evidence on policing tactics” Herald
“Children as young as six subjected to stop and search” Herald
“Watchdog report finds police under pressure over stop and search” Herald
“Chief says consent issue problematic” Herald
“Power hungry police must think again over stop and search procedure” Daily Record
“Police Scotland stopped and searched more than 25,000 children under 15 last year in procedure described as a ‘shambles’” Daily Record
“There is no obvious link between increased stop-and-searches and reduced violent crime in Scotland says watchdog” Daily Record
“Fall in violent crime not down to stop and search” Scotsman
“Stop and search policy”Scotsman
“No evidence stop-and-search reduces violent crime” Press and Journal Same Press Association article in the Courier
“Impact of stop and search is questioned” Scottish Express

“Police watchdog to review stop and search policy” BBC
“‘Crimes’ recorded against children by Police Scotland” BBC
“The terrible three-year-olds: police record five toddlers committing offences” Herald
“Children as young as three have been reported for crimes by Police Scotland” Daily Record

Following posted on 5.5.14

“Police overhaul discredited stop-and-search policy” Herald

Following posted on 14.4.14

“Police tackle their chief over ‘fake’ stop-search allegations” Herald
“Kenny MacAskill defends stop and search” Herald
“Rennie: stop and search powers must end” Herald
“Calls for better regulation of police stop and search powers” STV

Following posted on 26.3.14

“MacAskill defends crime rate admission” Herald
“MacAskill defends stop and search” Courier
“Kenny MacAskill says crime stats are not ‘made up’” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.3.14

“Labour slam Police Scotland over fabricated figures as Daily Record reveal ONE stop and search can be recorded EIGHT times” Daily Record
“Police chief admits to fake stop and search figures” Herald
“Sir Stephen: doubts over stop-searches” Herald
“Some police stop-and-search figures ‘made up’” Scotsman

“Young people want to be stopped and searched, says police chief” STV

Following posted on 10.3.14

“Street cops under pressure over stop-and-search” Herald

Following posted on 31.1.14

“Police frisking children ‘to meet targets’” Scotsman
“Fears over ‘disproportionate’ use of child stop and search powers” STV

Following posted on 24.1.14

“Warning on police search tactics” Herald
“Stop and search ‘risks alienating generation’” Scotsman

Following posted on 22.1.14

“Stop-and-search an important tool in police efforts to keep Scotland safe” Herald
“Stop and search on scale we have seen risks alienating young people” Herald
“House is not in order over lobbying” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.1.14

“Stop and search in Scotland: record figures need open debate” Guardian
“Police stop and search rates in Scotland four times higher than in England” Guardian
“Police questioned on search tactics” Herald
“Dangers in rise of stop-and-search” Herald
“Scottish stop-and-search tactics result in deadly weapons haul” Scottish Express
“Scottish police stop and search numbers double” Scotsman
“Scots police have twice stop and search rate of Met” Scotsman
“Stop and searches ‘four times more common in Scotland’” BBC
“Stop and search more common in Scotland than in England (video)” BBC

“Stop & search: Scots six times more likely to be stopped under controversial tactic than people south of the border, report reveals” Daily Record
“Controversial stop and search tactics have removed massive haul of guns and knives from Scotland’s streets, police reveal” Daily Record
“Scottish police search half a million people in eight months” Herald
“Police seizures of drugs, weapons and alcohol increase by third” Herald
“Police Scotland announces increase in positive stop and search results” BBC
“2000 police stop and searches a day in Scotland” Scotsman
“Increase in number of weapons and alcohol seized in stop and searches” STV

“Knife crime at record low say police” Evening Times

Following posted on 3.1.14

“Demand for inquiry into ‘unethical searches’ by police” Herald
“Police warn of ‘illegal’ searches in bid to meet new targets” Herald

Following posted on 21.11.13

“Rural policing is being sacrificed to meet targets” Herald
“Public confidence in Scotland’s new single police force damaged by ‘tick box’ culture for minor crimes, warn critics” Daily Record
“Police reject targets request” Herald

Following posted on 7.10.13

“Stop searching for reasons and look at facts: police methods do work” Herald

Following posted on 22.8.13

“Police chief says stop-and-search is keeping people safe” Courier
“No stop-and-search targets, say police” Law Society Journal Online
“Being young and in a public place seems reason enough to be stopped and searched” Herald

Following posted on 22.8.13

“Police chiefs insist there are no targets for number of stop and searches conducted across Scotland” Daily Record
“Human rights fears as police search 23,000 under-15s” Herald
“Stop and search targets ‘not set’ for police officers in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 21.8.13

“Some searching questions for police” Herald
“Huge rise in police stop and search numbers” Herald
“Stop and Searches Reasonable suspicion needed” Herald

Following posted on 2.8.13

“Concerns at rise of “Strathclyde-style” policing” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.4.13

“Stop and search powers to be used to catch knife carriers” Courier
“Police set to stop and search people in a bid to cut knife crime across Scotland” Daily Record
“Police Scotland stop and search knife crime plans” Scotsman
“Stop-and-search used in knife crackdown” Herald

Following posted on 21.3.13

“Knife-carrying hits historic low” Evening Times

Following posted on 2.2.13

“Police spot-checks cut crime in Glasgow city centre” Evening Times

Following posted on 31.12.12

“Strathclyde Police stop and search numbers outstrip London as civil liberties groups warn of harassment” Daily Record

Following posted on 13.10.12

“Scotland’s chief constable pledges to crackdown on gangs” Daily Record

Following posted on 13.6.11

“Strathclyde police questioned over stop and search use” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 6.4.11

“‘Shock’ rise in police searches to 70 a day” Evening News
“Police searches – ‘It is good that they are taking regular action’” Evening News

Following posted on 1.2.10

“Scots prime targets for police searches” Scottish Express

Press releases

“New stop and search report underlines need for reform” Scottish Liberal Democrats (1.7.14)

“SPA publish review into Police Scotland’s use of stop and search” Scottish Police Authority (May 2014)

“Police don’t know how many suspects refuse stop and search” Scottish Conservatives (May 2014)

“SPA response to stop and search in Scotland research” Scottish Police Authority (January 2014)

“Stop and Search in Scotland is a human rights violation” SACC (January 2014)
“Comment – use of stop and search powers in Scotland” SHRC (January 2014)

“Increase in Positive Stop and Search Results” Police Scotland (January 2014)

“Knife carrying? It’s not worth the risk” Police Scotland (April 2013)

SPA stop and search reviewSee also

Murray, K. (2014) ‘Non-statutory stop and search in Scotland’, SCCJR Briefing Paper 6/2014.

Scrutiny Review – Police Scotland’s Stop and Search Police and Practice (May 2014)

Murray, K. (2014), ‘Stop and search in Scotland: An evaluation of police practice.’ SCCJR Report.

Votes for prisoners: UK Supreme Court judgment on referendum vote

2014 July 28
by Mary Munro


“It’s inhuman that prisoners are denied a vote” Guardian
“Which is hereby pronounced for doom” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 25.7.14

“Prisoners and the right to vote” Herald
“Scottish independence: Killers fail to get referendum vote” BBC
“Independence: Murderers lose court battle for vote” Scotsman
“Prisoners lose Supreme Court bid to overturn referendum vote ban” STV
“Prisoners’ appeal to vote in Scottish independence referendum rejected” Independent
“Killers lose bid to vote in Scottish independence referendum” Telegraph
“Scottish prisoners refused right to vote in referendum by supreme court” Guardian
“Prisoners lose final appeal on referendum voting rights” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 4.7.14

“Scottish independence: Killers fail to win referendum vote” BBC
“Scottish independence: Killers lose vote battle” Scotsman
“Scottish Independence: Killers lose bid to vote” Evening News
“Murderer loses legal fight to vote in referendum” Press and Journal
“Appeal court affirms referendum prisoner voting ban” Law Society Journal Online
“#Indyref Prison Blues” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 19.12.13

“Murderers lose legal bid for right to vote in independence referendum” Daily Record
“Prisoners fail to overturn ban on voting in Scottish independence referendum” Guardian
“Scottish independence: prisoners’ vote rejected” Scotsman
“Prisoners lose challenge to referendum voting bar” Law Society Journal Online
“Murderers lose legal battle over voting in 2014 poll” Herald
“Scottish independence: Killers lose referendum vote bid” BBC
“Scottish Independence: Murderers lose bid to vote” Evening News

Following posted on 18.12.13

“Taking all these conclusions into account, we recommend that the Government introduce a Bill at the start of the 2014-15 session, which should provide that all prisoners serving sentences of 12 months or less should be entitled to vote in all UK parliamentary, local and European elections; and moreover that prisoners should be entitled to apply, up to 6 months before their scheduled release date, to be registered to vote in the constituency into which they are due to be released.” Joint Committee on the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill – First Report

“Prisoners serving less than a year should be allowed to vote, says Parliamentary committee” Independent
“MPs back giving vote to prisoners” Herald
“Short-term prisoners should have the vote, committee says” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 20.11.13

“Convicted killers bid for independence referendum vote” Law Society Journal Online
“Scotland’s referendum is not democratic if prisoners are excluded” Guardian

Following posted on 18.10.13

“Which countries let prisoners vote? Interactive map” Guardian
“Prisoners’ right-to-vote appeal rejected by supreme court” Guardian
“Eight-year standoff over prisoner voting rights approaches resolution” Guardian
“Sensible, yes: but the prisoner votes ruling changes little” Telegraph
“Blow to Cameron as judges fail to support prisoner voting ban: Supreme Court fails to rule that blanket ban is lawful after throwing out appeal by two murderers” Daily Mail
“Convicted murderers lose right to vote under EU rules” Law Society Journal Online
“‘Victory for common sense’: Supreme Court blocks Euro rule on giving prisoners the vote” Scottish Express
“‘A great victory for common sense’: David Cameron hails Supreme Court judgment as murderers lose fight for prisoners’ voting rights” Independent
“Prisoners’ campaign could be so damaging” Herald
“Convicted killer loses Supreme Court battle to win the vote” Herald
“UK inmates lose right to vote ruling” BBC

Following posted on 25.9.13

“Prisoners launch legal bid to vote in Scottish independence referendum” Guardian
“Two killers launch legal bid for right to vote in referendum” STV
“Democracy behind bars” Scottish Left Review

Following posted on 2.7.13

“I fought the law… and the law denied me the vote” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 28.6.13

“Referendum Franchise Bill passes but could still face challenge” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 27.6.13

“MSPs urged to give prisoners independence vote” Courier
“Give prisoners the right to vote” Herald
“Scottish independence: Referendum voting age to be lowered” BBC

Following posted on 11.6.13

“Scots murderer takes prison vote bid to top court” Scotsman
“Thousands in legal aid for man who raped and killed his niece, seven, to fight for right to vote” Daily Mail
“Brutal murderers launch bid to axe prisoner voting ban” Scottish Sun
“Killers take vote bid to top UK court” Herald
“Opinion: Prisoner voting rights” Lib. Dem. Voice

Following posted on 7.6.13

“Scottish independence: Bid to give prisoners voting rights thrown out by MSPs” BBC
“Andrew McLellan: Duty decrees prisoners have vote” Scotsman
“Scottish independence: Prisoner vote ban challenged” Scotsman
“Bill committee rejects prisoner referendum vote” Law Society Journal Online
“Cons banned from voting in independence referendum” Scottish Sun
“Prisoner referendum vote bid fails” Herald

Following posted on 3.6.13

“Monro skeptical on prisoner vote”
“Fulsome prison blues… “ Lallands Peat Worrier
“Voter Rights in Scotland: A Punishment to Fit the Crime?” Fair Observer
“Should cons get a vote in the indy referendum?” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 27.5.13

“If there’s any justice, prisoners must get the vote” Guardian

Following posted on 23.5.13

“Chasing votes”
“European official condemns voting ban”

Following posted on 17.5.13

“UK Parliament calls for evidence on prisoner voting” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 15.5.13

“Independence: Sturgeon rejects prisoner vote calls” Scotsman

Following posted on 14.5.13

“Scottish independence vote should include inmates says human rights chief” Guardian
“Scottish independence poll ‘is time to end ban on prisoners votes’” Guardian

Following posted on 13.5.13

“Sturgeon’s Scotland: no “progressive beacon”” Lallands Peat Worrier
“Independence: Last-minute bid for prisoners’ vote” Scotland on Sunday
“Debate needed on voting in jail” Scotland on Sunday
“Call for prisoner vote in independence referendum” Scotsman
“Lib Dems: Let short-term prisoners vote in independence referendum” STV
“2014 vote call for prisoners” Herald
“LibDems push for prisoners to get a vote in referendum” Herald
“Independence referendum vote should be opened up to prisoners, says Lib Dem justice spokeswoman” Daily Record

Following posted on 9.5.13

“Holyrood committee endorses referendum bill on voter eligibility” STV
“Holyrood committee splits over prisoner voting” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 29.3.13

“Prisoners’ referendum vote ban legality ‘clear’ ” Evening Times
“Nicola Sturgeon: Get nicked and lost referendum vote” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 28.3.13

“Prison voting ban: Nicola Sturgeon says no U-turn” Scotsman
“Sturgeon urged to give prisoners referendum vote” Scotsman
“Sturgeon: prisoner indyref vote ban ‘position ban’ ” Herald

Following posted on 25.3.13

“Independence vote ban on prisoners ‘will be legal’ ” Scotsman
“Referendum prisoner vote ban legally sound: Society” Law Society Journal Online
“Prisoner voting ‘ban’ in referendum compliant with human rights legislation”

Following posted 24.3.13

“Independence: Prisoners challenge voting right ban” Scotsman

Following posted on 15.03.13

“Paul Reid: Independence, the referendum, the franchise and prisoners: stormy waters ahead?” UK Constitutional Law Blog
“Prisoners’ bid for vote in independence referendum” Scottish Sun
“Call for evidence issued on Referendum Franchise Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 13.03.13

“Lag’s law: no prisoner votes in the independence referendum… “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 16.01.13

“SLAB criticised over errors dealing with prisoner vote case” Law Society Journal Online
“Lord Brodie: SLAB decision made with “ignorance and incompetence.” “ The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 11.12.12

“UK would breach human rights commitments by ignoring Strasbourg on prisoners voting” Independent

Following posted on 10.12.12

“David Cameron warned on votes for prisoners” The Independent

Following posted on 23.11.12

“Grayling remains defiant on prisoner votes” Evening Times

Following posted on 22.11.12

“Prisoner votes: government is playing for more time” Guardian
“Prisoner voting: Chris Grayling’s statement to MP’s” Guardian
“Prisoner voting: MP’s to get option to reject European ruling in draft bill” Guardian
“Chris Grayling’s prisoner voting statement: Politics live blog” Guardian
“Britain to defy prisoner voting ruling” Independent
“Government on new collision course with European judges over prisoner voting” Independent

Following posted on 19.11.12

“Prisoners’ votes bill expected by deadline” Law Society Journal Online
“MPs’ bill to defy Europe on prisoners having right to vote” The Sun
“Why not give prisoners the vote?” Telegraph
“Votes for prisoners – opening the door?” BBC

Following posted on 18.11.12

“Parliament considering giving prisoners votes as European deadline looms” Independent
“Prisoners’ vote: MP’s to decide on European ruling” BBC
“MPs prepare for showdown on votes for prisoners” Channel Four News
“MPs set to rule against prisoner voting rights” Independent

Following posted on 17.11.12

“Prisoner vote bill to be outlined” BBC
“Voting ban for prisoners ‘to stay’ as ministers get tough with European Court” Telegraph

Following posted on 30.10.12

“Prisoner votes: Strasbourg should give way to national independence” Guardian

Following posted on 29.10.12

“Prisoners to launch legal action on voting rights” Guardian
“Dave picks a Euro-fight, and society is the loser” Independent
“Attorney General Dominic Grieve escalates row on votes for prisoners” Independent
“Cameron threat to defy European court on prisoner votes ‘risks UK’s standing’” Guardian
“Prisoners will not get vote despite European ruling, says David Cameron – video” Guardian
“Don’t let prisoners vote, whatever the cost” Telegraph

Following posted on 24.10.12

“Tories bow to Europe over prisoner voting rights” Guardian
“Prisoners ‘to get votes as ministers cave in’” Daily Express
“Prisoner votes: Ministers in talks over European ruling” BBC

Following posted on 24.5.12

“UK to resist giving prisoners the vote despite European court ruling” Guardian
“UK to fight voting right for inmates” Scotsman
“Con votes are an insult to victims” Scottish Sun
“Cam rap for Euro court on lag votes” Scottish Sun
“Cameron to fight prison voting rights” Herald
“Sauce for the gander: Why does observance of ECtHR judgments not begin at home?” Law Society Journal Online
“Government called on to respect Brighton principle over prisoner votes” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 23.5.12

“Prisoners must be given right to vote, European court rules” Guardian
“Will the human rights court throw Britain a lifeline on prisoner votes?” Guardian
“Scots law affirmed as ECHR prisoner vote decision rules ban is incompatible” The Firm Magazine
“Prisoners to be given the vote” Express
“UK gets ultimatum on giving vote to prisoners” Independent
“Europe: UK has six months to give prisoners the vote” Independent
“Ruling may lead to voting in prison” Herald
“Porridge votes. Fury at Euro judges as Britain forced to give lags election rights” Scottish Sun
“Contempt for our democracy: Overruling our Parliament, unelected European judges insist prisoners MUST get the vote” Daily Mail
“Votes for villains: Prisoners must be given the right to vote, EU rules” Daily Mirror

Following posted on 2.11.11

“Government tells European judges no right to meddle with UK prisoner vote policy” Telegraph

Following posted on 13.4.11

“Prisoners’ voting rights: government loses final appeal in European court” Guardian
“ECHR sets deadline on votes for prisoners” Independent
“European court gives Cameron ultimatum on prisoner votes” Telegraph
“Britain must tell Europe NO! over prisoners’ votes” Express
“Euro judges trample UK sovereignty and insist: You WILL give prisoners the vote” Daily Mail

Press releases

“Moohan and another (Appellant) v The Lord Advocate (Respondent) (Scotland)” UK Supreme Court (July 2014)

“Votes for 16s approved” Scot.Gov. (June 2013)
“Referendum franchise debate – Scottish Parliament” Scottish Human Rights Commission (May 2013)
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“Parliamentary committee endorses Referendum Franchise Bill” Scot. Parl.(May 2013)

“Prisoner voting ruling – commentary” Scottish Human Rights Commission (May 2012)
“Implications of the judgment (Scoppola v. Italy (no. 3)” European Court of Human Rights (May 2012)
“Court’s judgment concerning blanket ban on prisoner voting in the United Kingdom becomes final. ECHR 12.4.11″ European Court of Human Rights

See also


“Joint Committee on the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill reports” UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill (December 2013)

Lord Glennie: Judicial Review on petition of Moohan, Gibson, Gillon (December 2013)

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Scottish Independence Referendum (Franchise) Bill page on Scottish Parliament site (brings together all relevant Parliamentary documents).

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Howard League Scotland

In the Petition of George McGeoch for Judicial Review of decisions of the Scottish Legal Aid Board [2013] CSOH 6

Judgement: Scoppola v. Italy (no. 3) ECHR (May 2012)

Arming police in Scotland

2014 July 28
by Mary Munro


“Calls for formal review of armed police policy on routine patrols” STV
“Scots don’t want armed police” Scotsman
“William Rennie: Review armed police officers” Scotsman
“Call for review on armed police” Herald
“Council leaders in bid to fight move to arm beat police” Herald

Following posted on 25.07.14

“Human rights expert calls for probe into row over armed police officers on Scotland’s streets” Daily Record
“MacAskill ‘washing his hands’ over armed police” Scotsman
“Legal expert criticises lack of scrutiny over armed police” Herald
“Campaigners call for u-turn on armed police policy” Scotsman

Following posted on 22.07.14

“Focus: Locked & loaded – Scotland’s armed officers” Scotsman
“Labour attempts to force debate on arming of police” Scotsman
“Police: Armed officers ‘play critical role’ in keeping Scotland safe” STV
“Call for Holyrood debate on armed cops” Inverness Courier

Following posted on 18.07.14

“Bobbies with guns: Police Scotland chief refuses to remove firearm officers from beat despite growing outcry from Highland residents” Daily Record
“Bobbies with guns: Justice Secretary says vast majority of Scots want police to be armed.. but where’s the proof of this?” Daily Record
“Pressure on ministers over arming of Scots police” Scotsman
“Police use Dunblane massacre to defend armed officers move” Telegraph

Following posted on 16.07.14

“Why force is in the line of fire over routine arming of officers” Herald
“MSP enters row over armed officers” Herald
“Pressure on police to explain why officers on patrol were armed” STV
“Council may probe Police Chief Constable’s powers” Inverness Courier
“A row outside McDonald’s? Send the gun squad” Inverness Courier

Following posted on 11.07.14

“Police defend nationwide force against critics” BBC
“Police body says gun switch should have been flagged earlier” Herald
“‘No discussion’ on Highland armed police decision” Scotsman
“Kenny MacAskill under fire over armed police” Scotsman

Following posted on 03.07.14

“Public ‘conned’ over police” Herald
“How creeping change is altering policing and it is not for the better” Herald
“Police Scotland’s armed police move ‘unlikely’ to change” BBC
“Councillors and police in stalemate over gun policy” Press and Journal

Following posted on 01.07.14

“Call for a review of arming officers in Highlands” Herald
“Highland Council asks Police Scotland to review gun policy” BBC
“Police Scotland chief does have power to reverse gun policy across Highlands, claims councillor” Inverness Courier

Following posted on 9.06.14

“Officer says firearms policy needed better explanation” BBC

Following posted on 20.05.14

“The majority of Scots are satisfied with armed police on streets says Justice Secretary” Daily Record
“Stop sham indignation over armed police” Scotsman

Following posted on 19.05.14

“Just who in Scotland is policing the police?” Daily Record
“Police Scotland chief secretly authorises 440 officers to carry handguns during routine patrols across country” Daily Record
“Hundreds of police carry weapons in Scotland” Scotsman

Following posted on 13.05.14

“Chief Constable defends the use of armed police in Highlands” Herald
“Police defend deployment of armed officers” Herald
“Highlands row over armed police” Herald
“Armed police in Highlands ‘recipe for disaster’” Scotsman
“Police Scotland deny ‘militarisation’ claim” BBC
“Pressure on Police Scotland to explain new firearms policy” West Highland Free Press
“Arming police routinely must be debated openly” Herald

Following posted on 31.12.12

“Armed police to patrol all of Scotland” Scotland on Sunday
“Network of armed police units to be rolled out across Scotland” STV

Following posted on 08.11.12

“Gun cops out more than ever in Scotland” Daily Record

“Gun cops three callouts a day” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 13.04.09

“Undercover police to carry guns in response to terror threat” Scotsman

Following posted on 16.02.09

“Scottish armed cops told they’re not good enough for London Olympics” Sunday Mail

Following posted on 27.01.09

“Deadline issued for police on firearms regulations” Herald
“Tenfold rise in call–outs for police marksmen” Scotsman
“Police ‘slow’ on firearm training” BBC

Press release

“Armed Policing in Scotland – Facts Not Myths” Police Scotland (July 2014)
“Police use of firearms” Scot.Gov. (January 2009)

See also

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland: Thematic Inspection: Police use of firearms in Scotland (Jan. 2009)

Annual Hate Crime in Scotland statistics published

2014 July 22
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by KatrinaM


“Disability hate crime needs tackling” Scotsman
“Glasgow man on bus attack: I was pushed against a window, it’s frightening” Evening Times
“A testament to hard work?” Action on Sectarianism

Following posted on 16.6.14

“Reports of hate crimes against gay people rise” Herald
“A growing intolerance of intolerance itself” Herald

Following posted on 14.6.13

“Hate crime figures show overall dip” Law Society Journal Online
“Race crime in Scotland falls to lowest level in 10 years” BBC

Following posted on 18.5.12

“Rise in hate crimes over last year is down to awareness of what is an offence, says top QC” Daily Record
“Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland: Neil Lennon bomb plot trial has encouraged Scots to report hate crimes” Daily Record
“Hate crime soars right across the board” Scotsman
“Sectarian and race hate crime reaches highest ever levels in Scotland” STV
“Reported hate crime on rise, says Crown Office” Law Society Journal Online
“Hate crime cases rise to record level” Herald
“Hate crime cases increase in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 30.5.11

“Reports of religious hate crimes triple in Fife” Courier

Following posted on 19.5.11

“448 face gay-hate charges in law’s first year” Herald
“Scotland: hate crime figures rise to highest in five years” Guardian
“Hate crime figures released” The Journal Online

Press releases

“Lord Advocate speaks on Hate Crime in Scotland” COPFS (June 2014)
“Hate crime statistics” Scot. Gov. (June 2014)

“Hate Crime in Scotland 2012-13″ COPFS (June 2013)
“No tolerance of hate crimes: statistics show fall in offences.” Scot.Gov. (June 2013)

“Lord Advocate Welcomes Publication of Figures on Hate Crime” COPFS (May 2012)
“Solicitor General Welcomes High Prosecution Rates for Crimes of Religious Prejudice” COPFS (May 2011)

See also

Hate Crime in Scotland, 2013-14 (COPFS June 2014)

Hate Crime in Scotland 2012-13 (COPFS)

Hate Crime in Scotland 2011-12 (COPFS)
Hate Crime in Scotland 2010-11 (COPFS)

Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAIs) reform: consultation published

2014 July 14
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by Mary Munro


“Why FAI system needs reform of pace and place” Herald
“Special fatal accident inquiry hubs to end delay for families” Herald

“Bid to cut time taken to carry out Fatal Accident Inquiries” Herald

Following posted on 03.7.14

“Concern over death probe delays” Herald
“Call for overhaul of FAI system to spare families years of distress” STV
“Ministers consult on fatal accident inquiry reform” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 02.7.14

“A poor beginning to limit FAI delays” Herald
“Failure to end FAI delays is condemned by families” Herald

Following posted on 14.1.14

“Families frozen out of death inquiries, MSPs hear” Scotsman
“Holyrood committee hears Fife family’s plea for death inquiry reforms” Courier

Following posted on 22.11.13

“MSP’s FAI proposals could have unwelcome consequences: Faculty” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 01.8.13

“Bid to overhaul fatal accident inquiries process” Scotsman
“Scotland Fatal Accident Inquiry overhaul consultation starts” BBC

Following posted on 03.5.13

“The Scottish judicial system leaps to attack the Scottish Review” Scottish Review

Following posted on 02.5.13

“Natasha’s family go on waiting while the sheriff goes on holiday” Scottish Review

Following posted on 17.9.12

“Reform to Scottish forces inquest laws welcomed” BBC

Following posted on 29.3.11

“In 2008, the Scottish Government appointed Lord Cullen of Whitekirk to review the operation of the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiries (Scotland) Act 1976, which governs the system of judicial investigation of sudden or unexpected deaths in Scotland.The review sought to ensure that Scotland had an effective and practical system of public inquiry into deaths which was fit for the 21st century. Lord Cullen completed his review in November 2009. Since then, we have been carefully considering each of Lord Cullen’s 36 recommendations in consultation with colleagues in the Scottish Court Service and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, as a number of the recommendations had implications for them.I am pleased to say we have been able to agree with the majority of Lord Cullen’s recommendations and, where we have been unable to do so, we have given our reasons for that.” Scottish Government Response to the Recommendations from the Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (March 2011)

Following posted on 1.2.10

“Government urged to end delays in death inquiries” Herald

Following posted on 4.11.09

“Review calls for hearings when Scots die abroad” Herald
“Accident inquiries” Herald
“Judge calls for law change over fatal accident inquiries” Press and Journal
“Report recommends Fatal Accident Inquiry overhaul” STV
“Sudden death law review will ease anguish” Times

Following posted on 21.11.08

“Fatal accident inquiry consultation launched “
“Cullen review publishes FAI consultation” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 20.11.08

“Judge aims to improve FAI system” BBC
“Talks on reform of fatal accident inquiry legislation in Scotland launched” Press and Journal
“FAI recommendations may become binding” Scotsman

Following posted on 17.6.08

“Call to improve prison deaths inquiry system”

Following posted on 28.3.08

“FAIs: a new lease of life” Law Society Journal Online (April 2008)

“FAIs on soldiers ‘a matter for Scottish ministers’” Herald
” Review of Fatal Accident Inquiries”
“Fatal Accident Inquires under review” Herald
“Judge probes how FAI system works” BBC
“Fatal accident inquiries probe welcomed by campaigners” Herald
“Lord Cullen to review law on fatal accident inquiries” Scotsman
“Lord Cullen to review fatal accident inquiries” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 22.4.05

“Change law on death crashes, say family” Times
“Family want death probe laws changed” Evening Times

Following posted on 11.2.04

“Call to review death inquiries”An urgent review of fatal accident inquiries into deaths in custody has been demanded by campaigners. It follows complaints from a number of bereaved relatives who were completely dissatisfied with way they work. The concerns raised have prompted wider questions over the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act of 1976. The Scottish Human Rights Centre is now urging the Scottish Executive to examine the legislation …” BBC

Press release

“Consultation into FAIs opens” Scot. Gov. (July 2014)

“Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (November 2009)” Scot.Gov.
“Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (November 2008)” Scot.Gov.
“Review of fatal accident inquiries” Scot.Gov. (March 2008)

See also

Consultation on proposals to reform Fatal Accident Inquiries legislation (Scot.Gov. July 2014)

Scottish Government Response to the Recommendations from the Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (March 2011)
Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation: The Report (November 2009)
Review of Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation (Scottish Government web section)
Petition by Guje Borgesson calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that the new specialist deaths unit being created by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is able to investigate retrospective and current cases of suspicious deaths, including after a Fatal Accident Inquiry has taken place, where the bereaved can reasonably demonstrate that the circumstances of the death were suspicious and that there is a robust and open mechanism, involving the families, for an independent review of such suspicious deaths PE1332 (2010)
Scottish Parliament Official Report 27.3.08: Fatal Accident Inquiries Debate
Petition by Dr Kenneth Faulds and Julie Love calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to give the same level of protection to the families of people from Scotland who die abroad as is currently in place for people from England by amending the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act 1976 to require the holding of a fatal accident inquiry when a person from Scotland dies abroad PE1280 (2009)
Petition calling for action to be taken in relation to the Crown Office’s decisions and consideration in prosecuting road traffic deaths PE029 (2005)
Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to conduct an investigation to establish why the full powers of the law are not enforced in all cases which involve death by dangerous driving. PE055 (2004)

Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill: consultation now out

2014 July 1
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by Mary Munro


“Opinions sought on air gun controls” BBC
“Air Weapons and Licensing Bill goes out to views” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 16.6.14

“Father of toddler murdered with an airgun feels his family’s nine-year wait for stricter laws on the weapons is almost over” Daily Record

Following posted on 15.5.14

“Opponents claim new airgun laws will not cut crime” Herald
“Scottish airgun licensing bill introduced” BBC
“New air weapon laws will give Scotland one of the most ‘robust’ schemes in world, Kenny MacAskill claims” Daily Record
“Air gun licensing plan for Scotland to be unveiled” Scotsman
“New ‘Andrew’s Law’ will mean Scots need licences to own airguns” STV
“Air gun fans enraged by Scottish Government bid for licensing” Scottish Express
“Bill seeks to overhaul licensing laws – and control air weapons” Law Society Journal Online
“Society questions effectiveness of proposed air weapons controls” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 5.9.13

“Police chiefs voice concerns over plans to license air guns” Herald

Press release

“Air weapons and licensing proposals to be scrutinised” Scot. Parl. (July 2014)

“Proposals for new licensing laws” Scot. Gov. (May 2014)

See also

Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: drug use report

2014 June 26
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by Mary Munro

SCJS drug use 2012-13Update

“Rise in number of older drug users who seek help” Herald

Following posted on 28.3.12

“Drug use dropping among Scottish adults” Herald
“No need to panic but help is required” Scotsman

Press releases

“Decrease in self-reported drug use” Scot. Gov. (June 2014)
“Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2010/11: Drug Use” Scot.Gov. (March 2012)
“Drug use falling among Scots” Scot.Gov. (March 2012)

See also

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2012/13: Drug Use
Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2010/11: Drug Use

Double jeopardy and re-investigation of World’s End murders: trial date set

2014 June 26
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by Mary Munro


“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair’s retrial date set” BBC
“Date set for re-trial of man cleared of 1977 World’s End murders” STV

Following posted on 15.14.14

“Man faces new trial over 1977 World’s End murders” Herald
“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair could face retrial” BBC
“World’s End pub murders: Angus Sinclair could face retrial over 1977 deaths of teenagers Christine Eadie and Helen Scott” Daily Record
“Man cleared of World’s End murders faces retrial after court ruling” STV

Following posted on 2.10.13

“Retrial bid in first case since end of double jeopardy” Herald

Following posted on 15.5.13

“World’s End: Decision on Angus Sinclair retrial to be made in autum” STV
“Date set for World’s End hearing” Herald
“World’s End murders: Hearing to decide if Angus Sinclair will face retrial” BBC

Following posted on 6.2.13

“Second World’s End Murder trial to take place following changes to the double-jeopardy law” Daily Record
“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair trial attempt” Scotsman
“World’s End trial No2 in KO bid” Scottish Sun
“World’s End murder accused opposes double jeopardy re-trial bid” STV
“Sinclair opposes World’s End retrial” Herald

Following posted on 21.12.12

“World’s End killings: Angus Sinclair could face second trial over 1977 murders” Daily Record
“World’s End accused faces trial… again” Scottish Sun
“Tougher test of evidence under double jeopardy than in first-time trial” Scotsman
“Bid to try World’s End murder suspect again” Scottish Express
“Application lodged to retry Angus Sinclair for World’s End murders” STV
“”World’s End” murders to be retried under two trials law” The Firm Magazine
“Retrial made possible by law change” Herald
“Prosecutors move for Angus Sinclair to face second World’s End trial” BBC
“Victim’s father welcomes double jeopardy changes” Herald

Following posted on 15.3.12

“Man cleared of World’s End murders of two girls could stand trial again under double jeopardy laws” Daily Record
“World’s End murders accused set for retrial” Scotsman
“World’s End murder accused may face trial for second time” Scottish Express
“Sinclair could face retrial over World’s End murders” Herald
“Crown in Angus Sinclair World’s End retrial move” BBC
“World’s End killings: new police probe” Scottish Sun
“Double jeopardy & the World’s End case… “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Press releases

“Crown Applies to Retry Angus Sinclair under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (December 2012)
“‘World’s End’ Murders Reinvestigated under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (March 2012)

‘Clare’s Law’ domestic abuse disclosure in Scotland: pilot announced

2014 June 24
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by Mary Munro


“Clare’s Law scheme could save lives” Scotsman
“‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group to meet” Herald
“‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group to meet” Courier
“First meeting of ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group”

Following posted on 9.5.14

“Clare’s Law Scottish pilot will bid to cut domestic violence” Herald
“Steps to tackle domestic violence are welcome” Herald
“Scotland to pilot ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic violence” BBC
“Scottish ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic abuse” Scotsman
“Need for caution on domestic abuse measure” Scotsman
“People given right to know if partner has domestic abuse history” STV
“Law will expose thugs who beat up their partners” Scottish Express
“Scotland to pilot Clare’s Law to identify domestic abusers” Telegraph
“Scotland should look deeper than Clare’s law when tackling domestic violence” The Conversation

Following posted on 28.3.14

“Scotland needs a Clare’s Law right now, says Tory leader Davidson” Herald

Following posted on 3.9.13

“Clare’s Law alone would not keep women safe from harm” Herald

Following posted on 1.9.13

“Kenny MacAskill supports abuse law in Scotland” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.5.13

“Ministers rule out Clare’s Law” Herald
“Superintendents to back Clare’s Law” Law Society Journal Online
“Violent men: A woman’s right to know” Scotsman
“No hiding place for abusive men” Scotsman
“Women could be told of men’s violent pasts” Herald

Press release

“Multi-agency group to progress Scottish ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot” Police Scotland (June 2014)

Circles of Support and Accountability: Sacro launches national project following evaluation

2014 June 2
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by Mary Munro


Following posted on 7.12.10

“Circling the wagons” Herald

Following posted on 27.5.09

“Prison chief: Kirk can help sex offenders back to society” The Herald
“Church to welcome sex offenders ” Press and Journal
“SACRO adds its voice to “Circles” plea ” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 4.07.08

“Plan to befriend high-risk sex offenders shelved by Holyrood” Herald
“No buddies for Scottish rapists” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.05.07

“‘Circles of support’ scheme to help sex offenders on release “ Herald

Following posted on 03.11.06

“New bid to tackle sex offenders” Evening Times
“New approach to monitoring sex offenders to be considered “ New approach to monitoring sex offenders to be considered

Following posted on 29.11.04

“Sex offenders to be assigned ‘buddies’” Times
“Fury at perks for paedophiles scheme” Evening Times

Following posted on 18.11.04

“Quality time with paedophiles “ Guardian

See also

Armstrong, S. and Wills, D. (2014), ‘A Review of the Fife Circles of Support and Accountability Project Commissioned By Sacro – FINAL REPORT’, SCCJR Research Report No. 04/2014.
SCCJR (May 2008) Circles of Support and Accountability: consideration of feasibility of pilots in Scotland
A community approach to monitoring sex offenders. Presentation to MSPs by Children 1st and Sacro 1.11.06.

Radio 4 FM 19 June 2008 20:00-20:30 ‘Circles’
BBC4 24.11.04. 9pm: ‘No more victims’. Documentary.