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Quite possibly the last post

2015 September 14
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by Mary Munro

Mary MunroI started this project back in October 2003 when online information about Scottish criminal justice was sparse and difficult to access.

CjScotland was encumbered with all manner of ambitions but there was no way of knowing then that social media and the taken-for-granted online presence of government, agencies and organisations would evolve as they have done. There was also no way of anticipating how the political talk about justice would change, in this jurisdiction at least, to a much more nuanced and progressive approach, albeit that there are still arguments to be won and the talk has not as yet been translated into substantial and irreversible change.

In recent years my energies have been diverted by teaching, book editing (see below) and my (voluntary) role as managing editor of the Scottish Justice Matters project. Inevitably this blog became neglected and so the time has come to make it clear, in case anyone stumbles on this pages, that there isn’t going to be another update.

CjScotland will continue to develop on Twitter with media and source links to news and information about criminal justice in Scotland.

If you would like to read more about Scottish criminal justice in book form then have a look at Crime, Justice and Sociey in Scotland eds. Hazel Croall, Gerry Mooney and Mary Munro, Routledge (August 2015) and it predecessor, complementary volume, Criminal Justice in Scotland Willan (2010).

Best wishes

Mary Munro

Police stop and search in Scotland: headlines, links

2015 February 26
by KatrinaM


“First Minister Sturgeon backs Police Scotland boss Sir Stephen House” BBC

Following posted on 25.2.15

“Police to improve stop-and-search data after error” Scotsman

Following posted on 23.2.15

“Over half of Scots back police ‘stop and search’” Scotsman
“Scots back police ‘stop and search’” Courier
“Emails show leading academic liaised with Police Scotland over stop-and-search article” Herald
“Revealed: Police Scotland and Scottish Government tried to hamper research into stop-and-search” Herald
“House must change, or go” Herald

Following posted on 20.2.15

“Police scrutiny vital but must be focused” Herald
“Police Scotland chief under fire from MSPs” Scotsman
“Scotland’s police chief grilled over search and stop row” Scottish Express
“Police chief faces criticism from justice sub-committee” Law Society Journal Online
“Police chief seeks to defend record amid stop and search ‘mistake'”

Following posted on 19.2.15

“Police chiefs must explain ‘sorry mess'” BBC
“Willie Rennie: trust in police has been shattered by its handling of data on stop-and-search” Herald
“Scotland’s police chief admits stop-and-search data was lost and huge communication problem in force as he gets grilled by MSPs” Daily Record
“Police lost 20,000 stop-search records after ‘wrong button pressed” BBC
“How easy is it to accidentally delete thousands of police records?” BBC
“Sir Stephen House under attack over his Police Scotland record” Telegraph

Following posted on 18.2.15

“As the controversy about stop and searches rumbles on, it seems fair to suggest there is a lack of clarity around current police practice.” Herald
“Emails published by information boss contradict police stop-search claims” BBC
“Police not forced to release ‘inaccurate’ data” Scotsman

Following posted on 14.2.15

“Never mind the numbers, are Police Scotland searches effective?” Herald

Following posted on 13.2.15

“Police Scotland stop-search claim ‘inaccurate'” BBC
“Police must do more to secure trust” Scotsman

Following posted on 10.2.15

“Chief Constable calls for debate on how to replace stop-and-search” Herald
“Sir Stephen House calls for stop-search consensus” BBC
“Toothless police watchdogs failing” Scotsman
“Davidson: Police chiefs leaving public in dark” Scotsman
“Davidson slams police ‘arrogance'” Courier
“Scottish Police Federation chief: Stop and search caused the London riots, but we still need it in Scotland”

“A Response to Calum Steele …”
“Smug Scottish Police Federation spit out the dummy on stop and search”
“Police rank-and-file body warns of “frightening political ignorance” over stop-and-search powers” Herald
“Police body: MSPs ‘ignorant’ over stop and search” Scotsman
“Police powers defended as union warns of ‘political interference'” STV
“Stop-and-search: Police officers accuse politicians of ignorance” BBC
“Stop and search debate shows no end”
SPF letter to MSPs Feb 2015
“Gen Sec writes to MSPs re Search” Scottish Police Federation

Following posted on 8.2.15

“Stop and search in Scotland: legality and accountability (Kath Murray)” Scottish Justice Matters
“Need for wider review of the policing landscape” Herald
“Bid to outlaw ‘consensual’ stop and search to be made within days” Herald
“Discomfort over stop and search policy” Herald
“Lib Dems’ legal bid to ban consensual stop-and-search” BBC

Following posted on 6.2.15

“Human rights welcome for police “stop and search” rethink” Law Society Journal Online
“SNP’s law and order” Scotsman
“Policing by consent” Herald
“Sturgeon: Police Scotland is considering ending stop and search” Evening Times
“Calls for Holyrood to outlaw police stop-searches” Evening News
“Police Scotland stop and search hundreds of young children – despite pledge to scrap controversial tactic” Daily Record
“Stop and search pays off for football cops” Evening Times
“Scotland’s human rights tsar demands: scrap stop and search without suspicion” Herald
“End stop and search without suspicion now” Herald
“Police search hundreds of children despite commitment” BBC
“Where now for police stop-and-search?” BBC
“Hundreds of under-12s searched by Police Scotland” Scotsman

Following posted on 2.2.15

“End stop and search without suspicion now” Herald

For headlines to 2009, press releases and links read more…

The politics of early release from prison: Sturgeon announces amendments to legislation

2015 February 4
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by Mary Munro


“Sturgeon announces end of automatic early release for prisoners” Herald
“End of early jail release for serious offenders” Evening Times
“New SNP plans to abolish automatic early release for worst criminals don’t go far enough, blast critics” Daily Record
“First minister announces end of automatic early release” BBC
“Automatic early release for dangerous prisoners scrapped in Scotland” STV
“Prisoner early release move ‘insulting to victims’” Scottish Express
“Automatic early release of dangerous prisoners to end in Scotland” Telegraph
“Sturgeon announces end of automatic early release for serious offenders” Law Society Journal Online
“Automatic early release to be scrapped for long-term prisoners”

Following posted on 14.1.15

““No merit” in ending of early prison release” Scotsman

Following posted on 2.12.14

“Early release is an affront to justice” Daily Record
“Grieving dad asks if three years in prison is long enough for killer who let his daughter ‘bleed to death in the snow'” Daily Record

Following posted on 20.11.14

“Nicola Sturgeon urged to scrap automatic early release” Telegraph

Following posted on 16.4.14

“Automatic early release should end” Scotsman
“Holyrood bill makes new attempt to limit automatic early release” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 4.4.14

“Prisons early release questioned” Herald

Following posted on 6.1.14

“SNP ‘fooling’ public over pledge to alter early releases” Herald
“Early prison release scandal: Nine killers and 183 sex offenders will be free in less than two years” Daily Record
“Fury as football yob jailed for nine months after bloody mass brawl in train station has been freed after just eight WEEKS” Daily Record (confusing Home Detention Curfew with automatic early release)

Following posted on 4.9.13

“One other change to the justice system will be of interest to the Parliament. We have all now accepted the need to end the system of automatic early release that was brought in by the Conservative Government in 1993 and left in place by the Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition here at Holyrood. It does not command public confidence.

We are now in a position to end automatic early release for sexual offenders who are sentenced to more than four years and for serious violent offenders. That follows the work to stabilise the prison population and then reduce it over time by implementing other recommendations of the McLeish commission, such as introducing strong community-based sentences for less serious offenders. Further steps will follow as we continue the successful implementation of our justice reform programme.” FM Alex Salmond Scottish Parliament Official Report 3.9.13

“Scottish Government to scrap early prison release” Scotsman
“Salmond woos voters with populist policies” Scotsman
“Scottish ministers to end automatic early release for ‘worst’ offenders” Telegraph
“Soft justice on the way out at last” Scottish Express
“Unexciting, yes, but still full of substance” Herald
“Minister Kenny MacAskill welcomes prisoner release plan” BBC
“Prisoner plan ‘will target most dangerous’, says minister Kenny MacAskill (audio)” BBC
“Alex Salmond outlines SNP government plans for year ahead” BBC
“Early prison release changes hailed” Courier

Following posted on 2.1.13

“Scandal of early release for rapists” Daily Record
“Early release for sex attackers will stop victims reporting crime, say support groups” Daily Record

Following posted on 31.12.12

“Teen paedophile’s early release puts spotlight on ‘inadequate’ early release system” Daily Record
“Justice system scandal: Call to end early release rules as killers & rapists prepare to walk free after just two years” Daily Record
“SNP under fire as more prisoners face early release” Herald

Following posted on 15.10.12

“Victims neglected, complains MSP John Lamont” Scotsman

Following posted on 10.9.12

“Bottle killers are freed” Scottish Express

Following posted on 7.9.12

“Hundreds of killers and rapists let out of jail early” Daily Record
“Hundreds of killers and rapists freed early under early-release scheme” Scotsman
“Fury over killers let out early” Scottish Sun
“Thousands of rapists and killers released early from Scottish prisons” Telegraph
“Violent thugs still walking early from Scottish prisons” Scottish Express
“Row over release of prisoners” Herald

Following posted on 20.1.12

“Early release frees 50,000 in five years” Scottish Express
“48,000 inmates released early” Scottish Sun

For headlines on this topic back to 2004, press releases and links to sources read more…

Scottish Government policy on lowering drink drive alcohol limit: changes now in force

2014 December 18
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by Mary Munro


“Drink Driving in Scotland – Problems When the Law Outpaces Technology” Scots Law Blog
“New drink driving limit has a positive impact” Herald

Following posted on 8.12.14

“Politicians: New drink drive law ‘a diversion’” Scottish Express
“Scotland sets example to UK on drink driving limits” Herald
“Prosecutors drop convention of not pursuing drink-drivers just over limit” Herald
“Legal expert hails new drink drink limit” Herald
“Scotland cuts drink-drive alcohol limit” BBC
“Drink-drive limit cut across Scotland prompting police to warn drivers who cross the border if they have had one drink they could be over the limit” Daily Record
“Drink-drive limit cut in Scotland” Scotsman
“Reduced drink-drive limit ‘will save lives’” Scotsman
“Stricter drink-drive limit comes into force in Scotland” Guardian
“Scottish police begin enforcing new drink-drive limit north of the border” Telegraph

Following posted on 19.11.14

“Scots drink-drive limits bring warnings at Border” Scotsman
“Sober at the wheel in England, but over the limit north of border: Tightened drink-drive laws in Scotland ‘could catch drivers unaware'” Scottish Daily Mail
“Holyrood approves new lower drink-drive limit to ‘make roads safer'” STV
“MSPs agree drink-drive limit change following debate” BBC
“MacAskill refuses to cut drink drive penalties” Herald
“Signs at Border to warn of new drink-drive limit” Herald
“Room for confusion over the new drink-drive limit” Herald

Following posted on 24.10.14

“Morning-after motorists may be over limit under new laws” Herald
“Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit” BBC
“Drivers who drink as little as one pint of beer could end up in dock under plans to lower drink-drive limit” Daily Record
“Scottish drink-drive limit to be reduced” Telegraph
“Scotland drink-drive limit to be reduced” Guardian
“Scotland to cut drink drive limit in time for Christmas after 1 in 10 road deaths are linked to alcohol” Scottish Daily Mail
“Scots drink-drive limit to be lowered from 5 December” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 25.8.14

“Plans to cut drink-drive limit by Christmas under threat” Herald

Following posted on 3.6.14

“New drink drive legislation in Scotland could see a single pint put motorists over the limit” Daily Record

read more…

‘Clare’s Law’ domestic abuse disclosure in Scotland: pilot underway

2014 December 17
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by Mary Munro


“Women check up on partners in ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot” Scotsman
“Police receive 15 requests in domestic abuse partner check” STV

Following posted on 20.11.14

“Fitting response to tackle violence against women” Herald
“Clare’s Law to be launched in Scotland” Scotsman
“Victim’s father hails Scots ‘Clare’s Law’” Scotsman
“Pilot Clare’s Law to help end violence towards women” Herald
“The fightback against domestic abuse: Clare’s Law pilot begins here today” Herald
“Clare’s Law pilot introduced in Aberdeen and Ayrshire” BBC
“Hope for ‘Clare’s Law’ ahead of Aberdeen and Ayrshire pilot” BBC
“Clare’s Law pilot scheme to tackle domestic abuse to be launched in Ayrshire and Aberdeen” Daily Record
“Pilot scheme for ‘Clare’s Law’ system to tackle domestic abuse” STV

Following posted on 1.11.14

“Clare’s Law to reveal history of alleged domestic violence” Herald

Following posted on 19.8.14

Fronts in the campaign against domestic abuse Herald
“Clare’s Law trial to allow violent partner checks” Herald
?Clare’s Law on domestic abuse to be piloted in Aberdeen, Ayrshire” Herald
“Aberdeen and Ayrshire to pilot ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic violence” BBC
“Pilot areas for abuse scheme” Courier
“Scots test run of Clare’s Law to warn of domestic abuse threat” Scottish Express
“”Clare’s law” pilot areas confirmed” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 24.6.14

“Clare’s Law scheme could save lives” Scotsman
“‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group to meet” Herald
“‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group to meet” Courier
“First meeting of ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot group”

Following posted on 9.5.14

“Clare’s Law Scottish pilot will bid to cut domestic violence” Herald
“Steps to tackle domestic violence are welcome” Herald
“Scotland to pilot ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic violence” BBC
“Scottish ‘Clare’s Law’ to tackle domestic abuse” Scotsman
“Need for caution on domestic abuse measure” Scotsman
“People given right to know if partner has domestic abuse history” STV
“Law will expose thugs who beat up their partners” Scottish Express
“Scotland to pilot Clare’s Law to identify domestic abusers” Telegraph
“Scotland should look deeper than Clare’s law when tackling domestic violence” The Conversation

Following posted on 28.3.14

“Scotland needs a Clare’s Law right now, says Tory leader Davidson” Herald

Following posted on 3.9.13

“Clare’s Law alone would not keep women safe from harm” Herald

Following posted on 1.9.13

“Kenny MacAskill supports abuse law in Scotland” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.5.13

“Ministers rule out Clare’s Law” Herald
“Superintendents to back Clare’s Law” Law Society Journal Online
“Violent men: A woman’s right to know” Scotsman
“No hiding place for abusive men” Scotsman
“Women could be told of men’s violent pasts” Herald

Press release

“New crackdown on domestic abuse” Scot. Gov. (December 2014)

“Domestic abuse pilot areas announced” Scot. Gov. (August 2014)

“Multi-agency group to progress Scottish ‘Clare’s Law’ pilot” Police Scotland (June 2014)

Extraordinary rendition and Scotland: some headlines 2005 to present

2014 December 17
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by Mary Munro


“Scottish Police to seek details of US Senate report on CIA torture” Herald
“Scottish prosecutors order police to ‘consider’ US Senate’s report on CIA torture” Herald
“Police Scotland to examine CIA torture report” BBC
“Police Scotland to study US Senate report into CIA torture” Press and Journal
“US torture report probed by Scots police looking into CIA flights” STV
“No easy answers on US rendition flights” Scotsman

Following posted on 28.5.14

“Police must attempt to get a copy of rendition report” Scotsman

Following posted on 20.12.13

“Inquiry finds evidence UK involved in suspect rendition” Herald
“MPs take over inquiry into use of Scottish airports for CIA flights” STV

Following posted on 10.6.13

“Scotland’s stand over CIA torture flights must be seen through” Guardian

Following posted on 7.6.13

“MacDonald’s praise over rendition action” Herald
“Top Scottish prosecutor wants rendition planes inquiry” Courier
“Urgent probe ordered into new illegal rendition claims” Press and Journal
“Questions that must be answered on rendition” Herald
“Police probe ordered into Scots torture-flight claims” Herald
“Rendition flights claim to be investigated by Police Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 6.6.13

“Action on US rendition claim” Press and Journal

“Plea to examine rendition data” Herald
“‘Conclusive proof’ CIA torture flights landed at Scottish airports” STV
“‘New proof of city link to CIA torture flights’” Press and Journal
“Dundee and Leuchars used by planes linked to CIA rendition flights” Courier
“Probe urged over Scottish role in rendition flights” Scotsman
“SNP demands answers over alleged CIA torture planes” Press and Journal
“Scottish airports ‘used for rendition flights'” Herald
“North Scottish airports ‘used for rendition flights'” BBC

“I am aware of the information that was provided by the rendition project involving researchers at the University of Kent and Kingston University. I consider that that information—and any other information that is additional to that considered by the police in 2007—should be the subject of police consideration. I will therefore ask Police Scotland to give consideration to that information.” Frank Mullholland, Lord Advocate, Law Officers’ Questions Scottish Parliament 5.6.13

Following posted on 5.2.13

“Prestwick Airport “crucial staging post” in rendition and torture” The Firm Magazine
“CIA rendition report author believes UK could face human rights court” Guardian
“Rendition: How 54 nations – and ‘Axis of Evil’ – cooperated with CIA in wake of 9/11” Independent

read more…

Development of policy and responses to historic and institutional abuse of children. Inquiry announced.

2014 December 17
Comments Off on Development of policy and responses to historic and institutional abuse of children. Inquiry announced.
by Mary Munro


“Inquiry announced for child abuse in Scots care” Scotsman
“National inquiry into historic child sex abuse in Scotland announced” STV
“Pledge to bring Scotland’s child abusers to justice”
Scottish Express
“Defending the victims of abuse: Minister announces public inquiry” Herald
“Sex abuse survivors deserve facts” Scotsman
“Historical abuse inquiry announced by Scottish government” BBC
“Scotland to get public inquiry into historical institutional child abuse”

Following posted on 10.11.14

“Child sex abuse inquiry planned for Scotland” Scotsman
“Scotland set to get child abuse inquiry” Scottish Express

Following posted on 28.10.14

“Survivors of historic child abuse slam ministers for failing to commit to full-scale public inquiry into scandal” Daily Record

Following posted on 14.08.14

“Child sex abuse victims demand public inquiry into historic allegations during meeting with Holyrood ministers” Daily Record

Following posted on 27.05.14

“Victims call for public inquiry into historical sex abuse allegations in residential schools across Scotland” Daily Record

Following posted on 14.05.14

“Welcome move on part of Church” Herald
“Traumatised Scot tells of horrific abuse as a child at the hands of priests at residential school” Daily Record
“Priest dismissed after being found guilty of ‘canonical offences'” STV

Following posted on 30.04.14

“Inquiry into cases of sexual abuse in homes” Herald
“Labour MSP set to make fresh calls for public inquiry into historic abuse in children’s care homes” Daily Record
“Record View: Time to show home abuse victims we care” Daily Record

Following posted on 11.2.14

“Special teams ‘should probe historic child abuse’” Scotsman

read more…

Votes for prisoners: UK Supreme Court judgment on referendum vote

2014 December 17
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by Mary Munro


“Judges backing for prisoners referendum voting human rights claim” STV

Following posted on 26.9.14

“UK’s threat to quit ‘led Euro court to back down on votes for prisoners’: Strasbourg runs scared as it puts issue off until September” Scottish Daily Mail

Following posted on 12.8.14

“When X should mark the spot for prisoners” Herald
“European Court of Human Rights: prison vote ban breached rights” Herald
“The Guardian view on voting rights for prisoners” Guardian
“UK prisoners denied the vote should not be paid compensation, ECHR rules” Guardian
“Cameron warned over ‘sabre-rattling’ with European court of human rights” Guardian
“Prisoners win human rights claim, but no damages, over voting rights” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 30.7.14

“The Supreme Court upholds referendum ban on prisoner voting” UK Supreme Court Blog

Following posted on 28.7.14

“It’s inhuman that prisoners are denied a vote” Guardian
“Which is hereby pronounced for doom” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 25.7.14

“Prisoners and the right to vote” Herald
“Scottish independence: Killers fail to get referendum vote” BBC
“Independence: Murderers lose court battle for vote” Scotsman
“Prisoners lose Supreme Court bid to overturn referendum vote ban” STV
“Prisoners’ appeal to vote in Scottish independence referendum rejected” Independent
“Killers lose bid to vote in Scottish independence referendum” Telegraph
“Scottish prisoners refused right to vote in referendum by supreme court” Guardian
“Prisoners lose final appeal on referendum voting rights” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 4.7.14

“Scottish independence: Killers fail to win referendum vote” BBC
“Scottish independence: Killers lose vote battle” Scotsman
“Scottish Independence: Killers lose bid to vote” Evening News
“Murderer loses legal fight to vote in referendum” Press and Journal
“Appeal court affirms referendum prisoner voting ban” Law Society Journal Online
“#Indyref Prison Blues” Lallands Peat Worrier

Following posted on 19.12.13

“Murderers lose legal bid for right to vote in independence referendum” Daily Record
“Prisoners fail to overturn ban on voting in Scottish independence referendum” Guardian
“Scottish independence: prisoners’ vote rejected” Scotsman
“Prisoners lose challenge to referendum voting bar” Law Society Journal Online
“Murderers lose legal battle over voting in 2014 poll” Herald
“Scottish independence: Killers lose referendum vote bid” BBC
“Scottish Independence: Murderers lose bid to vote” Evening News

Following posted on 18.12.13

“Taking all these conclusions into account, we recommend that the Government introduce a Bill at the start of the 2014-15 session, which should provide that all prisoners serving sentences of 12 months or less should be entitled to vote in all UK parliamentary, local and European elections; and moreover that prisoners should be entitled to apply, up to 6 months before their scheduled release date, to be registered to vote in the constituency into which they are due to be released.” Joint Committee on the Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill – First Report

“Prisoners serving less than a year should be allowed to vote, says Parliamentary committee” Independent
“MPs back giving vote to prisoners” Herald
“Short-term prisoners should have the vote, committee says” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 20.11.13

“Convicted killers bid for independence referendum vote” Law Society Journal Online
“Scotland’s referendum is not democratic if prisoners are excluded” Guardian

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Criminal Proceedings in Scottish Courts from 2002-3: media comment, press releases and documents

2014 December 16
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by Mary Munro

People by charge proved and main penalty 2004-14Update

“4% rise in the number of people taken to court in Scotland” Herald
“Police Scotland accused of waging war on motorists after crackdown sends convictions soaring” Daily Record
“Police accused of war on motorists as convictions for traffic offences rise” Scottish Express
“Police Scotland accused of picking on ‘easy target’ drivers” Telegraph
“Sex crimes convictions in Scotland soar by a fifth” Scotsman
“Recorded sexual crimes reach 43-year high”

“Rape conviction rate drops” Herald

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Double jeopardy and re-investigation of World’s End murders: Sinclair convicted

2014 December 14
Comments Off on Double jeopardy and re-investigation of World’s End murders: Sinclair convicted
by Mary Munro


“World’s End Murders: The system failed Helen Scott, Christine Eadie and their families, says ex-police chief Tom Wood” Daily Record

“Angus Sinclair was first serial killer Frank Mulholland questioned in court: ‘At times it was chilling’ “ Daily Record

“World’s End Murder Trial – Finding the Balance in Double Jeopardy” Scots Law Blog
“High Court releases “World’s End” double jeopardy ruling” Law Society Journal Online

“World’s End Trial: Scotland’s top prosecutor vows to put serial killer Angus Sinclair back in dock for five unsolved murders” Daily Record
“World’s End murder trial: Mammoth hunt to find serial killer proves justice has no sell-by date in Scotland” Daily Record

Following posted on 14.10.14

“World’s End murder trial opens in Edinburgh” Herald
“World’s End murders: Man on trial over 1977 deaths” BBC
“World’s End murder trial: Man denies beating, raping and strangling teenagers Christine Eadie and Helen Scott 37 years ago” Daily Record
“World’s End jury shown ‘disturbing’ images” Evening News
“Man goes on trial accused of World’s End murders 37 years ago” STV
“Jury shown photographs of teenage victims in World’s End murder trial” Scottish Express

Following posted on 26.6.14

“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair’s retrial date set” BBC
“Date set for re-trial of man cleared of 1977 World’s End murders” STV

Following posted on 15.4.14

“Man faces new trial over 1977 World’s End murders” Herald
“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair could face retrial” BBC
“World’s End pub murders: Angus Sinclair could face retrial over 1977 deaths of teenagers Christine Eadie and Helen Scott” Daily Record
“Man cleared of World’s End murders faces retrial after court ruling” STV

Following posted on 2.10.13

“Retrial bid in first case since end of double jeopardy” Herald

Following posted on 15.5.13

“World’s End: Decision on Angus Sinclair retrial to be made in autum” STV
“Date set for World’s End hearing” Herald
“World’s End murders: Hearing to decide if Angus Sinclair will face retrial” BBC

Following posted on 6.2.13

“Second World’s End Murder trial to take place following changes to the double-jeopardy law” Daily Record
“World’s End murders: Angus Sinclair trial attempt” Scotsman
“World’s End trial No2 in KO bid” Scottish Sun
“World’s End murder accused opposes double jeopardy re-trial bid” STV
“Sinclair opposes World’s End retrial” Herald

Following posted on 21.12.12

“World’s End killings: Angus Sinclair could face second trial over 1977 murders” Daily Record
“World’s End accused faces trial… again” Scottish Sun
“Tougher test of evidence under double jeopardy than in first-time trial” Scotsman
“Bid to try World’s End murder suspect again” Scottish Express
“Application lodged to retry Angus Sinclair for World’s End murders” STV
“”World’s End” murders to be retried under two trials law” The Firm Magazine
“Retrial made possible by law change” Herald
“Prosecutors move for Angus Sinclair to face second World’s End trial” BBC
“Victim’s father welcomes double jeopardy changes” Herald

Following posted on 15.3.12

“Man cleared of World’s End murders of two girls could stand trial again under double jeopardy laws” Daily Record
“World’s End murders accused set for retrial” Scotsman
“World’s End murder accused may face trial for second time” Scottish Express
“Sinclair could face retrial over World’s End murders” Herald
“Crown in Angus Sinclair World’s End retrial move” BBC
“World’s End killings: new police probe” Scottish Sun
“Double jeopardy & the World’s End case… “ Lallands Peat Worrier

Press releases

“Crown Applies to Retry Angus Sinclair under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (December 2012)
“‘World’s End’ Murders Reinvestigated under Double Jeopardy Legislation” COPFS (March 2012)

See also

Application under the Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act 2011 by HMA v Angus Robertson Sinclair (March 2014)